If you are someone who has a natural curiosity about the complexities of the human mind, taking A-level Psychology can take you on an exciting journey into a fascinating career. The knowledge and understanding gained from taking psychology as an A-level is highly sought after by employers across a wide range of industries, as are the transferable skills such as critical thinking, analysis and decision making.

Let's take a look at some of the career paths you can take with a psychology A-level.

Mental health and clinical psychology

Taking A-level Psychology is often the foundation for a career as a clinical psychologist or within the field of mental health support. Responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental health issues, a clinical psychologist typically works in hospitals, and in private practices. A career as a clinical psychologist also requires completing a degree within the field of psychology and a specialist area - completing A-level Psychology is one of the main ways to earn UCAS points, which are essential for getting into university.

Alternatively, you may want to consider a career in mental health support or counselling. With mental health awareness greater than in previous years and pressure on support services continuing to increase in the wake of recent global events, careers in mental health are in high demand. Improved awareness of mental health has also resulted in people wanting to broaden their personal understanding, with the aim to prepare themselves with the skills needed to support someone close to them. A-level Psychology can act as an introduction to building these skills.

Bringing this A-level together with a specific mental health course, such as counselling, can lead you to a career that is both rewarding and insightful. Why not explore what else we offer within mental health here or read our guide to becoming a psychologist?

Research and development

The critical analysis and problem-solving skills that are naturally developed through studying A-level Psychology are essential in the research and development sector (R&D). With these abilities, you can be at the forefront of bringing new products to market, finding new applications for technology and exploring a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour. Though further specific studying might be needed, a career in R&D is exciting and fascinating, with a host of additional opportunities in niche areas.

Whether it is with a large healthcare organisation or manufacturers of specialist products, R&D covers a wide breadth of applications. Taking A-level Psychology gives you a good head-start in identifying how the human mind and behaviour impacts buying decisions and contributing to the products shaping our daily lives.


A strong knowledge of human behaviour can be a helpful addition to the education environments, in particular in how you communicate with students. You may also find teaching subjects such as human biology and sociology appealing, with these subjects often being taught alongside psychology at GCSE and A-level.

A-level Psychology can also lead to mentoring roles, both within an educational facility and out in the community. You may be interested in becoming a social worker perhaps, or the prospect of being a personal tutor for students with learning difficulties. Studying psychology demonstrates your ability to understand reasons for specific behaviours and how these shape how others view the world.

Marketing and advertising

Psychology plays a significant role in marketing, helping businesses to understand how to appeal to consumers. From constructing personas to understanding the emotional and cognitive responses to specific messaging, the knowledge built from a psychology A-level is a skill that will appeal to employers within a variety of industries.

In addition, aspects of psychology are used in developing advertising campaigns and conducting experiments to explore the likely responses that will ultimately drive how brands communicate with customers and internally.

Human resources

Human resources professionals are responsible for hiring and training employees, managing employee relations and helping to make sure a company's staff is motivated and productive. The ability to understand and analyse people, as well as to help them better communicate is what makes human resources professionals successful, and contributes to maintaining the overall operation of a particular organisation.

Having a psychology background can give you a considerable edge in this industry, A-level Psychology can be the key that unlocks those wider opportunities.

Ready to study A-level Psychology?

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