You are thinking about undertaking a course, but the thought of both the cost and the time commitment required has been holding you back. However, have you thought about the various ways that returning to study could benefit you from both a job or career development point of view and a social and psychological perspective?

Are you asking yourself what are the benefits of studying? Here's the lowdown on the benefits of studying:

Get the job

Employers are increasingly asking prospective employees to hold qualifications, whether vocational or academic. Therefore, it stands to reason that studying can improve your employment prospects, especially if you choose a course relevant to your career goals. Studying can also increase your chances of advancement or promotion with your current employer.

Get paid

Qualifications can also equal better pay. The fact that more and more people are accessing lifelong learning means you can easily be left behind. The jobs that pay well also tend to require specific qualifications or training. Therefore, returning to study can allow you to earn more in the long term.

Get savvy about information and communications technology (ICT)

Another benefit of returning to education is that this will help you develop ICT skills. Anyone who has teenage children or works with this age group will be aware of just how quickly technology moves on. Therefore, studying can be a useful way of building your ICT knowledge. Online courses are especially appropriate, as they make excellent use of technology.

Get connected

Studying can also allow you to stay connected with the world around you. It is all too easy for you to remain in your own little bubble, which can cause you to be stuck in your ways. However, accessing education can start to increase your awareness and understanding of the wider world. This can then make you more open-minded and adaptable to new experiences.

Get focused

Learning can also provide you with a renewed focus. Maybe there is a career that you have been thinking about for a while but have felt it was unattainable. Undertaking some relevant study can change this outlook and drive you forward to achieve your goals. This can also have a positive knock-on effect on other areas of your life.

Get confident

Being a student can also lead to an increase in confidence. Studying can build your belief in your abilities, particularly when you start to see your hard work pay off. Successfully completing a course can also give you the confidence needed to set new and increasingly ambitious goals.

Get new friends

The social benefits of studying are sometimes overlooked, but this is often just as important. Studying is often a very bonding experience due to the shared stresses and successes that will happen during the course of your studies. Distance learning allows you to connect with others through tutorials and also through social media.

Get going

Hopefully, you can now see the benefits of studying far outweigh the costs. If so, Oxbridge would be a great place to start, with a wide range of courses that may interest you in interesting and popular subjects such as Psychology, Counselling, Beauty, Animal Care, Childcare, Writing and Journalism, Criminology and Business. Go on, have a look, and change your life.