Fiction Writing Level 3

Have you always wanted to write but never quite had the courage to start? On this Fiction Writing Level 3 course, you can let your imagination soar into the unknown, let your characters take you to places you’ve dreamed of with plots and twists only you, for now, can imagine.

This Fiction Writing Level 3 course has been specifically designed for anyone considering professional authoring.  This could include a variety of media including books, short stories, radio and television.  It could also be studied to develop your own personal interest in fiction writing as a past-time or hobby.  We understand that not everyone may want to be published.

Usually, writers work on a self-employed, freelance basis. You could choose your own working hours, although you may still have to meet publishing deadlines!

This really could be a chance for you to turn your talents into something much more. Fiction Writing Level 3 will fearlessly create and develop you and your skills in an encouraging and supportive environment within your own home and in your own time.  If you haven’t taken an online course before, don’t worry. Our courses are easy to navigate and easy to fit into your life

Make your ‘Once upon a time’ a reality and then it never has to be ‘The End’.

On this Fiction Writing Level 3 course you will:

  • Develop skills and techniques of fiction writing successfully and in a variety of styles
  • Examine practical aspects of getting published
  • Explore the essential elements of both short stories and novels
  • Discover how to build themes, plot and characters in your fiction writing
  • Learn how to structure your story on page from start to finish
  • Uncover practical details around your writing, such as copyright laws
  • Become the writer you’ve always wanted to be from the comforts of home
  • And so much more…

“Submitted assignments, which were assessed and all feedback was provided, enrolment and admin side where also very prompt excellent service every aspect of the tutoring has been outstanding.”


“I found the whole experience enjoyable and did not have any problems. the course was fantastic! ”


“I am very happy that I chose this course. It is everything i wanted it to be. ”

Dawn O'Brien

“From the very start to finish I found the course engaging and interesting and it nurtured and expanded my natural flair.”

D. Meek

“The tutor comments were very encouraging and supportive”

Sam Davies

“Having started as a complete novice I finished the courses feeling confident.”

Julie Allatt

“I have finally done something for myself. Have been interested in writing for years but never got round to it, embarked upon this writing course and treat it more as my hobby than learning. Dont think i will ever be published but as i say - i love my little hobby.”

Melissa Gray

“The dream of writing my first novel feels a lot more achievable with my course. Though I have always loved reading/writing, this course has shown me ways of writing and planning I had never thought of. My tutor is fantastic, and feedback is positive.”

Esther freeman

“I enjoy studying online – have done quite a few personal interest courses over the years, Oxbridge have been great from the start – easy to use website – looking forward to doing my next one.”

Anna Shaw

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