ELCAS & Defence

The ELCAS scheme supports defence personnel in their educational pursuits, offering a pathway to furthering professional and personal development. Studying under this scheme is crucial for transitioning to civilian roles and advancing within the defence sector.

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What is the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC)?

Looking to upskill or retrain? The MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC), provided through ELCAS, promotes lifelong learning for members of the UK’s Armed Forces. The scheme, through approved ELCAS courses, provides financial support for up to three years to enable you to study qualifications at level 3 or above. Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme is a UK government initiative that offers financial support to members of the British Armed Forces who want to undertake approved training and development courses. Oxbridge is registered as an official provider of courses on the ELCAS scheme, and this page will guide you through how to enrol.

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Who is eligible for the ELCAS Scheme?

To be eligible for the ELC, personnel must have completed at least four years of service in the British Military. The scheme is open to both full-time and part-time soldiers. Soldiers must also be aged 16 or over to apply for the scheme.

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ECLAS Frequently Asked Questions

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