This is the year. The year where fantastic things will happen, especially at work and you find out how to get a promotion in 2022. You’ll put in the effort, smash your goals and, hopefully, land that promotion you’ve been hoping for.

Read on to explore and learn the different approaches you can take to get promoted and how to go about requesting your promotion in 2022.

How to get a promotion in 2022

When it comes to promotions, taking action is best. The greatest injustice you can do is trust in the old adage: good things come to those who wait. So if you've been waiting for progression, the problem is that you're waiting rather than doing.

People who get promoted worked incredibly hard to get to where they are. They have planned and proven their capability. With this in mind, here's a few things you can do to make sure your hats in the ring when a new position opens up. 

  1.  Discuss what’s expected of you to get promoted

It's helpful to have a one-to-one with your manager and let them know that you're pursuing a promotion. Ask about future opportunities and what you can do to achieve this. This will help strengthen your position when it does.

  1.  Find ways to help your manager

Managers often have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. There’s always something greater they need to be working on to continue proving their ability and climbing their own ladder. 

Start by asking if there's anything you can help with, and perhaps suggest something within your skill set. This will take one thing off to do list and give them space to focus on other projects. Plus, when you finish the entrusted task to an exceptionally high standard, you'll look amazing. 

  1.  Take on a project from start to finish

This will prove that you can be trusted to handle things independently. Definitely ask for help if you need it, don't struggle on your own. This will work in your favour, as it shows you can handle more responsibility but understand when you need assistance. Nobody can know everything.

  1.  Take on additional training

Training is brilliant avenue if the role you want to step into involves managing other people. An accredited course in effective communication, business administration or even a higher level course relevant to the position you want to move into will prove that you're willing to put the time and effort into your professional growth and that you're taking the journey seriously. 

  1.  Help your colleagues

Most employers look for team players. Showcase how you've helped other people in your department, or even better, have testimonials of colleagues singing your praises. Positive testimonials guarantee that you'll be looked on favourably. 

How to ask for a promotion

When you've got a strong enough case, and a position becomes available, it's time to make the official request to throw your hat into the ring. 

The key here is to create a win-win situation. An instance where your boss can see the value you add and will continue to add in your new position, and you can step into your new role confidently.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your chances:

  1.  Think about the time you schedule your meeting

Timing really is everything. When requesting a sit down with your boss, be sure to give as much notice as possible and let them know what you're planning to discuss. It's important to provide them with ample time to prepare. 

If you’ve been working with your manager as we recommended higher up in this post, perhaps request that they join the meeting too; having someone else on your side can only help.  

Also, think about the actual time you want the meeting to occur. For example, try not to schedule it before lunch or at the end of the day. 

  1.  Gather visual evidence

Of the contribution you've made to the company. You'll make a more lasting impression if you can display this visually. In your examples, try to tease out evidence of the skills and knowledge required for the position you're hoping to move into so that your boss can be confident you'll hit the ground running.

Although if you can, showcase times when you've solved a problem and how you went about it. 

  1.  Showcase that you know it’s not all about you

It's great to show evidence of how you've helped the company grow. This could be by increasing revenue, saving the company money (perhaps by creating processes that speed things up), expanding the client base or something else. Your manager will be able to advise on what evidence you should produce for this.

To get a promotion in 2022, you need to prove that you have and will help the company grow.

How long should you stay in a job without a promotion?

The structure of a company can affect how often people are promoted. It’s worth trying to get a feel and work off that. But if you’ve been in the same position for a while with no signs of progression, it might be worth considering taking your talents elsewhere.

It’s important to understand that job-hopping can be considered a red flag to prospective employers along with staying in one position for years. 

If you feel like there's no more progression available to you at your current company, our job ready pack can help to put you in a strong position for your job search. We'll help you create a strong CV and provide interview skills training.