Success Stories: Darren Brookes (Life Coaching)

When Darren Brookes began feeling unfulfilled in his previous jobs, he knew a change was needed. That change was Oxbridge, and a rewarding new career as a qualified life coach.

People from all backgrounds and walks of life come to us seeking positive change. That’s because our distance learning courses represent more than just learning – they transform lives and set people on a path they can feel proud to walk.

Success Stories shines a light on the achievements and aspirations of our alumni, showing you where they’ve been, where they’re going, and how we helped them find a new direction in life.


Here, we’re profiling one of our recent graduates, Darren Brookes, taking a look at his experience of studying towards the Level 3 Life Coaching Diploma with Oxbridge.

Darren has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is now, and he doesn’t intend to stop!

Who They Are

Darren is a lover of all types of music, from Elvis Presley right through to rave. His tattoos represent the things that matter most to him, and his biggest motivator is his daughter.

In his spare time, Darren enjoys reading personal development books. Why? Because he loves learning how he can reach his goals faster.

But until he was in his 30s, Darren lacked a real direction in life. Commenting on his past, Darren admits: “I drifted through different courses and jobs, not completing anything or finding any sense of achievement. I knew I needed a change and that’s when I decided that what I wanted to do was help others.”

What They Wanted

Before life coaching, Darren was a manager at a rehabilitation unit for five years. Moving on, he began working part time for a probation hostel, supporting people who had been released from prison to find their next step.

Alongside this, Darren had also embarked on a new mission: to set up a business with his friend. Naming the venture Connection Wellbeing Services, their aim was to offer a range of holistic therapy services to clients, from CBT through to life coaching.

The catch? His friend was a qualified therapist, but neither had qualifications in life coaching. That’s where Oxbridge comes into the picture! Because in April 2018, Darren enrolled on our Level 3 Life Coaching Diploma.

Working as a Life Coach, Darren helps people believe in themselves and find more happiness in their lives.


How We Helped

When Darren enrolled on our Life Coaching course, he leapt at the opportunity to develop his knowledge and earn a qualification that suited his vision in life. Indeed, in a matter of months, the qualification was his – with flexible distance learning letting him study at his own pace.

Commenting on his experience as an Oxbridge student, Darren had high praise for his personal tutor Sarah, saying:

“With the speedy, positive and detailed feedback I received from my tutor Sarah, I flew through my course in just 6 months! Her comments were always positive and went a long way towards boosting my motivation!.”

Darren is already thinking about enrolling on another course with us – our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) qualification, which will further develop his knowledge on mindsets and improve his understanding of the connection between behaviour, memories, and scenarios in the brain.

Aspiring to be a good role model for his daughter, Darren practises life coaching with her, teaching her key skills – from helping her manage her anxiety about being late for school to creating her own vision board. Even attending fitness classes together, Darren’s life coaching has made a real impact on more than just his clients.

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