Travel and Tourism Management Level 3

Travel and Tourism is a continually growing industry which supports a huge number of different roles. Tourism brings people together. It teaches us about the world we live in. It strengthens communities and broadens the mind.

Tourism is one of the most economically important industrial activities in the world. More than a billion people take an international tourist trip every year and this number is increasing year on year.  Tourism accounts for nearly 10% of global GDP and one in every 11 jobs.

We all look forward to our holidays but we don’t often think about the processes, systems and activities which enable us to have an enjoyable experience whilst away from home. This course focuses specifically on providing knowledge and skills to be able to work in this ever-growing sector.

On this course you will:

  • Consider the different types of tourism and explore the reasons why people travel.
  • Explore how travel and tourism businesses gain an advantage over their competitors
  • Investigate how internal and external factors can affect travel and tourism organisations.
  • Explore communication skills required to meet customer’s needs.
  • Examine the stages of the selling process, the range of products and profit making

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