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Did you know that the average time an employer spends looking at each CV is around five to seven seconds, and that each position receives up to 300 applications? With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to find ways to get your CV to the top of the pile. Written in conjunction with recruitment experts from Pertemps and Hinterview, our CV Writing Course will guide you through the entire application process, showing you exactly how to create a written CV, video CV, and cover letter that will win you an interview. You’ll learn exactly what to include where, common mistakes that are off-putting to employers, as well as additional tips and tricks you won’t find online. This course is delivered via engaging eBooks, videos, and PDFs, with quizzes along the way to check your progress.

We’ve turned this course into a FREE Job Ready Pack, containing modules on Dealing with Redundancy and Interview Skills, which will give you the tools and knowledge you need to apply for new roles with confidence and ace the interview process.

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Written with the help of a recruitment expert from Pertemps, with this CV Writing short course you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Study Hours

This course takes around one hour to complete.

Study Method

This course is delivered through engaging eBooks, videos, and printable PDFs.

Course Duration

Once you’ve enrolled on this course, you’ll have access for six months, and you can complete it in your own time, at your own pace.


There is no assessment for this course.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you’ll have all the tools and skills you needed to create the perfect CV and covering letter.

Additional Information

Course Content

1: CV Writing Skills

In this interactive eBook, you’ll examine some of the reasons a CV is necessary, how to research the employer you’re interested in working for and the position you’ll be in, and your named contact. You’ll also take a look at some dos and don’ts when writing your CV, and exactly what you need to include. Finally, you’ll learn what you should include on your cover letter, and how to fill out those trickly online application forms.

2: How to write your CV

In section two, we’ll examine exactly what you need to do to plan and construct a great CV, including exactly what details to include where. You’ll also look at how you can achieve a competitive advantage over other applicants, and some final tips to make sure everything’s perfect.

3: The 10 Golden Rules

In this section, we’ll answer questions such as, ‘should I add a photo to my CV?’ and, ‘how can I make my CV look good?’

4: Creating a video CV

In the fourth section, we’ll take a look at the part of the job application process you might not be familiar with: the video CV. You’ll find out exactly what a video CV is, who should create one, and some rules to follow if you do.

5: Example video CV

In the final section, you’ll find an example created by video recruitment experts, Hinterview, demonstrating exactly what to include in your video CV and what it should look like.

6: The 10 golden rules

In the final section, we’ll give a definitive answer to the tricky question, ‘should I add my photo to my CV?’ We’ll also give you 10 golden rules that are simple to follow, and guaranteed to make creating and formatting your CV a breeze.