Oxbridge Live™ is our interactive online live lessons platform. This complimentary drop-in service is designed to support you, in addition to your course, when you feel you need extra help. During these sessions, your personal tutor will be on screen and available to support you.

Oxbridge Live™ adds a new layer of personal tutoring by hosting live lessons that our students can access at any time. Oxbridge Live™ increases the communication with your personal tutor and the student like no other platform. Collaborative interaction is an important part of learning and we have brought it to the digital age.

We already have unlimited tutor support and now students can also join live lessons, ask questions, allowing the curriculum to be personalised to them, go deeper or even repeat a topic to ensure full understanding.

What happens in Oxbridge Live™?

When you log in to a live session, your personal tutor will begin by teaching some of the topics most commonly asked since the last session. This may include reviewing a topic within your course or a difficult question.

The second part of the session is a live Q&A, during which you can ask your personal tutor questions. They will demonstrate the answer by presenting or showing it to you on a virtual whiteboard, just like in a classroom.

Key Benefits of Live Lessons

  • Interactive Participation: Engage in live lessons, ask questions, and get immediate answers from your personal tutor
  • Flexible Access: Attend live lessons or catch up with high-definition recordings on your schedule. Never miss a beat!
  • Expert teachers: Learn from highly qualified teachers with deep subject expertise.
  • Enhanced Learning: Experience courses enriched with live lessons and real-time feedback to boost your comprehension and retention.

How does Oxbridge Live™ Work?

Each qualifying course has its own Oxbridge Live™ schedule, usually every two weeks, which your personal tutor will provide you with at the start of your course. This is an optional and complimentary service, which you’re welcome to use as much or as little as you like.
You will be sent a link before the session, allowing you to log in to the Oxbridge Live™ platform.

You can see and hear your personal tutor on video, but they cannot see you as your video and microphone are disabled. Instead, you will speak with them via chat, and they will answer via video. This allows the lessons to flow freely.

Do I have to attend Oxbridge Live™?

Not at all; the decision is yours! Some students never attend our live lessons, and others attend every session. Attending any live lessons is not a requirement of our courses, and although we'd love to see you there, you can pass your courses without attending. Oxbridge courses are carefully crafted to allow you to study in your own time and at your own pace, with support from our Unlimited Tutor Support service. However, sometimes you may wish to attend a live session and interact with your Personal Tutor.

What if I miss an Oxbridge Live™ lesson?

The good news is that we record and upload all sessions to your MyOxbridge Platform. We use clever technology to send you snippets of those lessons when you need them via your support window, so you don’t have to watch entire sessions back if you don’t want to. This also means that you can get lightning-fast answers to questions that have been answered before, so you don't have to wait for help.

Ready to start?

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