Are you wondering if you should study in the UK? Perhaps you’re based in another country and considering the benefits UK qualifications could bring to your career.

Whether you’re thinking of studying A-levels in the UK, GCSEs or another distance learning course, there are many benefits to having UK qualifications. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the main benefits of UK study for international students.

1. Gain internationally recognised qualifications

A-levels and GCSEs are internationally recognised. So, whether you’re planning to move to the UK in future or gain a job in another country, your UK qualifications will be useful in helping you improve your job prospects.

This also helps you to keep your options open for the future, so that if you move abroad, your qualifications are more likely to be acknowledged than qualifications from many other countries. One benefit of UK study is therefore the wide variety of career opportunities that will remain open to you after you complete your course.

2. Choose from a wide variety of courses

Another reason to pursue UK study is the wide variety of courses available to you. That’s even more true when you study at a distance learning college, as one of the benefits is access to a wider range of courses tends to be available.

Whether you’d like to study academic courses like GCSEs in the UK, or you’d rather go the vocational route and complete a childcare course or teaching assistant qualification, you’ll be able to take the courses that appeal to you most. This also means you’ll be more invested in your course(s), which makes you more motivated to succeed.

So, if you’d like to study traditional UK qualifications, such as maths A-level, or broaden your knowledge by exploring unique courses like GCSE astronomy, UK study ensures more course options are available to you.

A woman choosing a book from a shelf with a large selection of reading material.

3. Develop your language skills

A huge advantage of studying in the UK for international students is that it gives you the chance to develop your language skills. So, if you’re looking to improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing ability, then studying for a UK qualification could be the perfect way to do this.

If you opt for a distance learning college, you’ll also be able to enhance your English skills without needing to relocate or pay additional moving costs.

4. Distance learning: study anywhere at any time

If you choose to study at a distance learning college, one benefit is that you’ll be able to gain a UK qualification without needing to be based here throughout the duration of the course. Distance learning courses are available in the UK, and they provide exactly the same qualifications you would gain if you completed them at a physical college.

This means that you could complete UK A-levels, for example, online and they’ll still be worth the same number of UCAS points for university entry as they would if you studied at a physical college. You can also study on any device, at any location, at whichever time of day suits you most. So, it’s really easy to work your studies around a job or other commitments.

Another key difference is that everything is in one place: on our distance learning platform, MyOxbridge. So, whether you’re looking to study, see your grades, submit your assignment or contact your personal tutor, this can all be done from one convenient location. The platform can also be accessed on any device, so you can study on your mobile, laptop or tablet from any place, and complete your course at your own pace.

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5. Personal Tutor Support and guidance

If you choose to study with Oxbridge, you’ll also receive personal tutor support. This means that whenever you need to contact your tutor for some guidance with your course or ask a question about the course material, they’ll be available to help you. They’re only a quick email away and reply promptly to student queries!

Are you considering gaining UK qualifications? To find out more about what it’s like to study with a distance learning college, or to enquire about a specific course, give us a call on 0121 630 3000 to speak to one of our friendly and experienced learning advisers.