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Digital media and learning

posted by Hannah on Friday, 6 May 2016

Whether you are teaching your kids at home or trying to engage with learning in a classroom setting, there are a wide range of digital activities that can make the more process more fun. Digital resources are also invaluable for older students and professionals, as they allow a wide range of methods for capturing learning.

Memory book

A really good way to summarise the school year for children is to create a memory book, using any of the following applications: Mixbook, Book Creator Free, TikaTok, or Bookemon. This allows children to assimilate their learning in a personalised manner.

Class board

Another really positive way for children to take account of their learning is by creating a class board, whereby everyone including parents and teachers gets to share what they have learnt. Applications that are available include: Padlet, Linoit, and Pinterest.

Digital portfolios

Digital portfolios are a great way to capture knowledge, both for young children and older students. Students are able to create portfolios to showcase what they have learnt during the school year. These portfolios can also be used to illustrate particular skills and talents. Some good tools to use include: Portfolio Gen, Weebly, Seesaw, and Pathbrite.

Short movies

For those wishing to use more interactive forms of digital engagement, there is also the option of creating short movies. Students can create a short video clip in which they highlight their ideas and accomplishments. Available platforms include: Animoto, Wevideo, Stupeflix, and Magisto.

Digital feedback

Gathering feedback through a digital medium can also be very useful, both for practitioners and students. There are many tools available that collect feedback, including: Poll Everywhere, Google Forms, SimpleMeet Me, and Socrative.

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