Additional Support for Children with Special Education Needs (SEN)

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A SEN Course, such as Additional Support for Children with Special Education Needs have been designed for those aiming to work in a Special Educational Needs (SEN) support role with children.

An ideal course for qualified classroom teachers and teaching assistants who engage with children with special educational needs. If you’re planning a career in any teaching or support role, this course is essential.

If you’re completing this course with a view to working as an SEN TA in the future, you can qualify as a teaching assistant with our Supporting Teaching and Learning In Schools Level 3 Certificate.

Online SEN Courses are a field that is growing in demand meaning that there are more opportunities for you. If you want to help children and you are looking for a role in education, this job could be perfect for you. To become a special educational needs teacher, you will need to be able to deal with challenging behaviour. You’ll also need good organisational skills.

A distance learning course is an ideal way to gain a certificate in Special Educational Needs (SEN). This online SEN course is flexible and convenient. There is no job more rewarding than seeing a child with special needs blossom with your support.

As a SEN teacher, your work could involve:

  • Teaching National Curriculum subjects, which may have been adapted to pupils’ needs
  • Helping pupils to develop their self-confidence, independence, abilities and attitudes
  • Preparing lessons and teaching materials
  • Marking and assessing work
  • Putting up displays in the classroom
  • Working with other professionals, such as medical professionals, speech and language therapists and educational psychologists
  • Speaking to parents and carers about their children’s progress
  • Going to meetings and training
  • Organising outings, social activities and sporting events.

You could work with children with wide-ranging and complex learning disabilities, including:

  • Autism
  • Asperger’s
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Hearing difficulties and visual impairment

The field of child development seeks to account for the evolution of children’s abilities and behaviours by uncovering the processes that underlie these changes and the strategies that children use. This course will pay particular attention to the knowledge required in order to provide the correct path to understanding and demonstrating this continually evolving field.

On this SEN course, you will:

  • Learn how special educational needs impact upon the learning and development of children
  • Discover how you can adapt learning for children with speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Learn the different methods of adapting learning for children with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties
  • Discover you can make a difference to children’s learning through identifying and planning for the special educational needs (SENs) of each individual
  • Understand the speech, language and communication needs of children and young people with behavioural, social and emotional difficulties
  • Give your career a boost with this expert knowledge.

An ideal course for qualified classroom teachers and teaching assistants who engage with children with special educational needs.

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  • Awarding body: CACHE Customised Qualifications

CACHE is a sector-leading specialist and awarding organisation for Early Years, Care and Education in the UK. CACHE Customised Qualifications are bespoke, unregulated qualifications developed to meet the specific needs of our learners and has been accredited by NCFE CACHE, demonstrating the quality and rigor.


Study Hours

Up to 90 hours which is around 30 minutes per day for 6 months.

Study Method

The course is specially designed for study by distance learning. Throughout the course, there will be self-assessment questions, and tutor marked assignments (TMAs), to enable you to monitor your progress.

Course Duration

You have up to a year to complete this course and we have included a suggested number of study hours. This is usually ample time for learners, even with full-time jobs and other commitments. Don’t worry if you go over the year though, we can organise an extension to your course for an additional fee, which also extends your tutor support.


Throughout this course, you may be expected to complete assignments, essays, research projects, presentations, video/audio recordings, and practical learning sessions to meet the requirements of your course. This information will be included in your study pack detailing exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals as a student.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement by CACHE Customised Qualification and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the details all of the units you have completed as part of your course). You can read more about customised CACHE qualifications here.

Additional Information

Difficulty - Level 3

Entry requirements - There are no formal entry requirements for this course, however, it is recommended that you have an intermediate ability to read and write English.

Course Content

1: Working with Children with Special Educational Needs

In the opening unit, you’ll study the rights of children in relation to relevant legislation and codes of practice. You’ll examine concepts such as direct and indirect discrimination, and how to work inclusively with SEN children. Additionally, you’ll discover the importance of working in close partnership with parents and other professionals.

2: Understanding and Promoting Children's Development

Moving on, you’ll take a look at the different areas of children’s development, such as emotional and cognitive. You’ll also look at the various factors that can influence a child’s development, such as diet and poverty, and some of the reasons that development might not follow the expected pattern.

3: Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

Throughout unit three, you’ll examine some of the most common causes of speech and language difficulties, and the methods of support that are available. You’ll also discover some easy ways you can adapt your conversation when speaking with children, to help them to understand. You’ll also look at ways you can support children who speak English as an additional language.

4: Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

Next, we’ll take a look at some of the most common social, emotional, and behavioural issues faced by children, and the strategies that can be used to support them. You’ll also examine the role that other professionals can play.

5: Chronic Illnesses and Physical Disabilities

During unit five, you’ll study some childhood illnesses and disabilities, their symptoms, and how they are generally treated. You’ll also examine changes that need to be made to the environment and practice to support them, and the role that other professionals might play in their care.

6: Assessment Planning to Meet Individual Needs

In the final unit, you’ll take a look at some of the ways you can find out about the individual needs and interests of children, and why it’s important. You’ll examine how to make sure you take a child-centred approach to SEN, and the importance of assessment frameworks and individual education plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some answers to common student questions, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for then please contact us and we will do everything we can to answer your questions.

You will have access to your personal tutor, via email and telephone, who will mark your assignments and guide you through the course. In addition, you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process. Your personal tutor will be highly experienced in their subject area and qualified to teach.

You don’t need any prior skills in the subject area to start. However, as with all of our courses, we recommend a reasonable level of English reading and writing ability.

We provide all the specially written learning materials you require to study this course at home. The course fee also includes tutor support for the specified duration of your course.

You will receive everything you need to complete this course within the study pack we send to you.

No, this course is assessed by coursework alone.

No, all of the study materials are supplied within your learning pack.

Most students finish comfortably within the course duration period given. However, if you do need more time, your personal tutor support can be extended for an additional fee.

That’s fine, this course can be studied anywhere and is completed by submitting Tutor marked assignments (TMAs).

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