In the words of Ryan Blair - “If it's important you'll find a way. If it's not, you'll find an excuse.”

Distance learning is often perceived to remove the obstacles of those wishing to study. Studying has no upper or lower age limits; we have all heard the phrase "age is just a number" and this certainly applies when it comes to education. At Oxbridge, we understand that the motivation to continue education is often steered towards younger people, those that are fresh out of school or college, but that shouldn't be the case. Education has enormous personal and career benefits for people of all ages. Studying is effectively self-improvement, and there really are no age restrictions on that. Our current student body or list of self-improvers is made up of people of all ages, nationalities and abilities.

Fun fact: Oxbridge's eldest student to ever enrol was 92 years old! Our youngest student ever enrolled was 9 years old.

5 Popular Obstacles of Those Wishing to Study:

"I'll be the oldest in the class"

A common concern amongst mature students is that they will "feel old and out of place" compared to their younger classmates. Although learning is and should be for all ages, you may be glad to hear that there are no physical classes to attend with distance learning; Oxbridge courses are 100% home study under the support of your own expert and dedicated tutor. Do you remember a few years ago Hazel Soares of California graduated from Mills College at the age of 94? And Bertie Gladwin who graduated at 90? (Bertie left school in 1935!) The experience you've gathered throughout your life and work will support your studies and make it easier for you to understand the theory.

"I'm not up to date with technology"

Whether you're a tech pro or a novice user, distance learning is easy to use and accessible to all. Study online with tools and digital aids or in the more traditional pen and paper style, whichever is more convenient to you. Plus, the goal to complete your course could be the perfect motivation to improve your tech skills at the same time!

"I won't be able to manage the workload"

Our courses are designed to be completed online, at your own pace and in your own time. Once you have completed a module, you submit it online and await your feedback. There are no deadlines or classes to attend so you can work whenever you wish.

"I won't be able to fit it in with my other commitments"

All too often, we delay our bigger goals and busy ourselves with day-to-day objectives, however, it's important to see the bigger picture. Only you know when the right time to enrol is, but the fact you are looking into it shows that you are starting to consider self-development as a priority. We can provide you with the right course and give you all the support you require. As all of our courses were designed to be studied from home, you can pick it up and put it down whenever you like.

"Its a few hundred pounds that I could spend on something else ... like bills?"

It's not irresponsible to invest in yourself and your future. Believe in the value of qualifications. It is important to prioritise but don't forget to zoom out, refocus and be ambitious. If you are considering enrolling but are concerned about funding your course, Oxbridge offers a variety of ways to pay, including monthly payment plans where you can spread the cost of your course across a period of months. We also are registered on the enhanced learning credits scheme for the UK Military, so we may be able to support you via this if you have worked in the armed forces.

You've passed the initial step of curiosity, so when you're ready, take the plunge. Remember why and how you ended up here; you're a lot closer to getting started than you think. Most of our online learning courses can be started at any time of the year, month, or week - they do not need to align with any academic timetables or exams. It's important to note, due to the curriculum updates of A-levels and GCSEs and the way they are assessed, courses in these categories do need to align with the academic calendar and exam dates. Speak to one of the team to find out more.

In just a few easy steps, you could change your life:

  • Browse for the perfect course or seek advice from one of our friendly learning advisers
  • Enrol on your course(s) either online or over the phone - 0121 630 3000
  • We'll send you a welcome email, introduce you to your tutor and provide your login details to our online portal where you can access your course materials
  • Study online or use your paper materials with help from your personal tutor as and when you need it
  • Once passed, use your certificate or qualification to improve your life - get that promotion, apply for that new job, start that business, or continue your studies to the highest possible level!