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How Distance Learning Changes Lives

posted by Carla on Thursday, 8 September 2016

How Distance Learning Changes Lives, here are 2 of our most recent :

Oxbridge Home Learning are a truly student orientated college. Dedicated not just to providing a learning course, but providing a new way of life for you. Hannah, contacted some previous students who had submitted impartial, unprompted reviews and asked them how Oxbridge had helped them and how distance learning had changed their lives.

Lisa, Harrogate – Teaching Assistant and Additional Support for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

After speaking with Lisa, It was really obvious how happy and settled she was with her new life. By doing something she wanted to do had a great impact on her happiness and the happiness of her family.

Lisa, 39, disillusioned with her current life, sat at an overflowing desk after eating a very average pasta salad and had a yearning to do something completely different. Lisa had been working for an international bank for the past 15 years. Job satisfaction was consistently nil. After some extensive research, she decided to re-train as a Learning Support Assistant. She explains ‘I truly haven’t looked back. ‘

I went on to ask how studying and working had an impact on her life? ‘The studying whilst still at working part was hard. A few social things had to go. I had to re-prioritise, but that was only for a couple of months. Now i’m in a really great job, part of a really good team. Every hour, let alone day, is different. I’m really enjoying what I do. Furthermore, I can see that i’m genuinely making a difference to the children that I work with.’

Lisa must have enjoyed the course and its benefits as she has now started another course with Oxbridge Home Learning, Additional Support for Children with Special Education Needs (SEN) and said ‘I can’t wait to see where this can lead me to next. I have been inspired by Oxbridge Home Learning’

Jacob, Norwich – Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner

Jacob has another great story and it mirrors the views of Lisa but had very different reasons for enrolling.

Here, Jacob explains why he did the opposite. ‘I swapped a job that was exciting but poorly paid’ Jacob was teaching English as a Foreign Language in India � for a more stable, better-paid career in a Manchester, based Project Management Firm. With his 25th birthday looming, the realism that things had to change, set in.

When he compared himself to his friends from school, he felt as though he had wasted some of his years, by not starting a career sooner. ‘My thoughts now? Listen to your gut feeling and go with it. There are always people telling you what they think and what you should and shouldn’t be doing but it is your life and you need to make of it what you can.

Life in India was amazing, no worries, no real bills to pay. Since settling in Manchester and enrolling with Oxbridge Home Learning on a Project Management Course, I have secured a job with a great company. Now, I have the chance of a real future and career ahead of me. I’ve also met a lovely girl, who is now my fiancee. I can afford a nice apartment in a good area, and moreover, I can save! Furthermore, I feel like i’m building a future not putting it off. Oxbridge Home Learning really did change my life.’

Tutor Support and You

One of our most frequently asked questions is surrounding Distance Learning and Tutor Support. Tutor support is vital to what we do. We provide students with the ability to learn from anywhere and to gain access to the support they need at the same time. We make distance learning easy with specially designed and quality course materials. Our Distance Learning Changes Lives. When you enrol on any of our courses, we assign you a personal course tutor. We pride ourselves on the quality of our course tutors and know that they hold the key to success.

Your personal course tutor is on hand to see you through the whole process. To motivate you, inspire you and support you as you study towards your qualification. Our course tutors are college or university lecturers and experts in their field, passionate about helping you to achieve the best possible results.

Our students come from far and wide. Have a look at our website for more in-depth Student Case Studies.