Success Stories: Matthew (Psychology)

Distance learning is about more than landing that first job. It has the power to take your career to a new level, whatever your job, your working hours or your goals for the future. Just ask Matthew, who boosted his career with one of our flexible learning courses.

The great thing about home learning is that it attracts people from all kinds of educational and professional backgrounds. Many people jump at the opportunity to explore their interests and learn a new topic from the comforts of home. That includes those that have university degrees and well-established careers.

Why? Because learning more can lead to career development, or it can take your career in a different direction. All with the flexibility to study how, when and where you want!


In this edition of Success Stories, we’re sharing Matthew’s experience of distance learning as a qualified professional. Hear how Matt gave his career a lift with our Level 3 Psychology course.

Always Learning, Exploring and Developing

Meet Matthew, an easy-going 38-year-old guy, who enjoys running, swimming, and getting outdoors as often as he can. He’s also a fan of cooking and enjoys reading in his spare time.

Matt got his degree in Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology from Plymouth University. He now works in the safety department of a scientific institution in Oxfordshire. Matt commented: “I do enjoy my job as it lets me work in science and directly with people; it keeps me interested in new challenges every day! But it also offers work that satisfies my curiosity in science and the mind.

“My job involves encouraging people to complete certain requirements for safety and wellbeing in the workplace. I realised that learning about the mind and how people think would help me get the best out of everyone, so, I enrolled on the Psychology course with Oxbridge!”

studying psychology

The Home Learning Experience

Whilst working full-time, Matthew finds time to study in the evenings and on the weekends. He’ll dip in and out of his course when he has a spare hour or two.

“The flexibility allows me to fit the course around my family and work-life; I’ve got three teenage boys who keep me busy! My eldest is doing his A-Level Psychology at the same time as me, so we often study together which is nice.”

We asked Matt how he felt this course differed from his experience at University. He said, “There is definitely more of a requirement for me to direct my own study and to find my own motivation, but it’s a model which suits my learning style.

“I think that learning as an adult is completely different from my university experience, where learning sort of felt imposed upon me. That’s because when you’re young, education feels like something you just have to do, it doesn’t feel like a choice.”

Advice for Adult Learners

Here’s Matt’s advice for all adult learners: “Don’t look at your learning journey as a metaphysical mountain. Instead, focus on being 1% better every day, just making 1% improvement, which is more realistic.

“Everyone struggles, but it’s harder if you expect too much of yourself. Release the pressure that you have to study, and you’ll find that it becomes something you want to do.”

It’s great to share Matthew’s story and discover how his journey has taken him from a chemistry degree through to work in the field of science – and then to his Psychology course with Oxbridge! It shows that whatever stage in life you reach, there’s always more to learn and more pathways for you to explore.

Commenting on his aspirations for the future, Matthew said: “I think that I’d like to pursue Psychology at a higher level next and see where that takes me, who knows! I’ve done a lot in my life because I’m the kind of person who will have a go at everything.

“So, I know there is so much more for me yet to experience. But if you ask me what my life will look like in 10, 20 or 40 years’ time, I wouldn’t know. I’m happy to not know the ending of all my ambitions and adventures. There’s a lot of merit in just beginning. Merit in just starting something new.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing Matthew’s Success Story. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, our range of distance learning courses can help get you there – no matter what your goals for the future. For more information or to browse our full programme of courses, visit the homepage or speak to one of our experienced course advisers on 0161 630 3000.