What is a QCF qualification?

The Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) is a new credit transfer system which has replaced the National Qualification Framework (NQF). It recognises qualifications and units by awarding credits. Each unit has a credit value and the credits can be transferred. The system gives the you, the learner, the ability to get qualifications at your own pace. The QCF is jointly regulated by the England’s regulator Ofqual, Wales’ DCELLS and Northern Ireland’s CCEA.

The QCF, the NVQ replacement

A Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) recognises qualifications and units by awarding credits. It replaced NVQ courses in September 2011. There are so many advantages of doing a QCF course, regardless of what your current situation is. For example, if you’re currently unemployed and looking for work, then studying for a QCF qualification can really help you build your skills and experience.

QCF Courses, Qualifications and Distance Learning

Distance learning is great because you can study from the comfort of your home. Thus you are without the stresses of being in classroom conditions. Also, there are no deadlines! Consequently, you can complete your course whenever it suits you and work at your own pace. You can keep up the job hunting, gain any relevant work experience and attend any interviews which will help boost your chances of landing that all-important job. Distance learning or e-learning is a great way to achieve your qualification.

Benefits of QCF Courses

A qualification enhances your CV. It is easier to get onto the career ladder. By undertaking a QCF course, you can gain the appropriate skills that are highly valued by employers as QCF courses have nationally recognised accreditation. You can see how your qualifications can help with your career development. In today’s super competitive employment arena, qualifications can help you to stand out from the competition and give you an edge when applying for that new job or internal promotion.

Employers know exactly what you need to work on and what skills you need for your job to achieve your qualification. A QCF course is flexible and easy to complete. Studying for a QCF qualification allows you to be flexible as it can fit around your daily life commitments as well as your work life.

You won’t be learning the same thing over and over again. The unit system of a QCF course is great because when you’ve completed a unit once, then that means that it’s completely done. You can also transfer your credits over.

A QCF qualification makes it easier for you to get a job and it’ll also boost your employability. The learning that you do on a QCF course will make you perform your best in your job, meaning that you’ll most likely stay and progress in your job and gain that promotion.

Many of our students are looking to change career and that’s why they’ve enrolled on one of our vocational courses. You too can enrol on a life changing QCF course. We’ve got a range of distance learning courses that are flexible and designed to fit around your lifestyle.