Award | Certificate | Diploma - What do they all mean?

This page explains the different Qualification "Sizes"

Courses come in various levels and they also come in several sizes too. This is based on the number of credits the course offers. There are often up to three course lengths within the same course level in order of course size: Award, Certificate, Diploma. Please check the course contents where we show you what units you will study in each course size.


(1 to 12 credits). This is the shortest version of the course and includes the smallest amount modules required to complete the course.


(13 to 36 credits). The happy middle-ground. Often the certificate course covers all the requirements you will need.


(37 credits or more). This is the longest version of the course and includes all of the available modules.

Where possible, we advise you try and study the largest version of the course but there are no set rules. It really depends on why you need to study the course and choosing a suitable outcome. If you're insure then please give us a call.

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