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The Importance of Animal Care

posted by Hannah on Friday, 26 May 2017

Domestic animals have come to be so important to people. Many people cite their relationship with their dog or cat as being integral to who they are as people. This feeling has resulted in an awareness of the need for quality animal care. However, animal care is not necessarily something that everyone is knowledgeable about.

The following four areas are key to the importance of animal care.


Understanding how to maintain the health of animals is vital. It can be difficult to tell if an animal is unwell, especially as they often try and hide the fact. Therefore, finding out about common diseases and being able to notice the symptoms and warning signs is very important.


Anyone who has ever tried to put a cat in a carrier will know that this can be tricky. Many of you likely have the scars to prove this. Being knowledgeable about how to handle and, if needed, restrain animals can be incredibly useful. This knowledge is especially important if you work in the animal care profession.


Animals can display similar behavioural issues as humans, but they can be harder to identify and manage initially. Being aware of unusual traits in animals and learning methods for dealing with more problematic behaviours is essential for anyone who owns or works with animals.

The importance of animal care and welfare

Animal welfare has long been a topic that dominates animal care, and charity organisations, such as the RSPCA, have been around for nearly 200 years. Being mindful of the rights of animals and their welfare needs is important for any animal owner or person employed in animal care.

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