Being a distance learning student is a very rewarding experience. It leads to increased knowledge and better qualifications. Of course, there will be times when being a student is more challenging, especially before assignment deadlines and exams. Due to the nature of distance learning, students studying in this way may find themselves also having to navigate various distractions. There are ways to address this early on.

Being a distance learning student and limiting distraction such as social media

OK, limiting social media may not be as straightforward as it seems, but it can be necessary. One way of achieving this is by signing out of all of your social media accounts on your computer and phone. This way it will not be as tempting to look at them since you must then log back in. If completely staying off social media does not seem realistic, you may wish to allow yourself to check social media once every hour. Use this as a reward for completing a certain amount of work. This compromise should then take away the craving and keep you motivated.

Being a distance learning student and finding your own space

Although studying in front of the TV or at the kitchen table may be fine for some people, for most it can make for a stressful study experience. Studying in spaces that other people occupy can make it very hard to concentrate. It is likely to mean regular interruptions, causing you to fall behind and lose focus. Being a distance learning student and by having your own dedicated space to study, whether this is a separate area of the house or even in a local library, you are more likely to feel in the right mindset to work. Also, when you are in that space, people should realise that you want peace and quiet.

Being a distance learning student and other students

Distance learning does require the commitment to be self-motivated and plan your own time. If you worry about finding this an isolating experience, it can be useful to make links with other students. This way, you can share experiences and swap study tips. You can accomplish this by contacting people from your course or by going along to study spaces, such as libraries or cafes. You'll be surprised how many people you see typing away on their laptops in these locations. Being a distance learning student, most certainly does not need to be an isolating experience.

If you feel that being a student will suit you; enhance your career or give you an opportunity to do something you always wanted. Then enrol in a high-quality and accredited distance learning course. Whether you are looking for full time courses or part time courses, we offer flexible, convenient learning that is enjoyable, affordable and fully supported by our expert tutors.

Being a distance learning student and Oxbridge

Oxbridge offers courses in a wide range of areas, including health and social care, business and childcare. Being able to study via distance learning will also offer you ultimate flexibility. At Oxbridge we get a real buzz from seeing every single one of our students doing well and achieving what they set out to. We'll do everything we can along the way to support you to bring that goal to life.