Entrepreneur & Management Level 4 and 5

Combine a Level 4 and Level 5 diploma in entrepreneurship and business management. Progress your learning and develop your skills ready for higher level study.
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Entrepreneur & Management Level 4 and 5 online course

This combined Level 4 and 5 online diploma covers the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and business management, bringing both into one qualification worth up to 240 UCAS credits. This makes it perfect for progressing on to further study or taking the knowledge you’ll gain into your working life.

This course is equivalent to the first two years of an undergraduate course, allowing you to feel confident in moving onto the final year armed with the knowledge you need for success. You’ll also be eligible for ELCAS funding, with ongoing tutor support to ensure you keep on the right path.

You’ll learn from a series of exclusive, comprehensive lessons, covering all the bases you need to know. Your materials can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, enabling you to fit your studies around other commitments. Each module has 40 guided hours of learning material, with between 30 and 50 additional optional hours should you need them. By studying this online course, you’ll be able to access a range of resources such as interactive exercises and further readings.

The Entrepreneur and Management Level 4 and 5 Diploma is accredited by Qualifi, following the 603/4238/9 and 601/6049/4 syllabuses respectively. Both are recognised by Ofqual, meaning that at the end of your studies, you’ll hold a qualification that employers value.

What you will learn

  1. Level 4, Unit 1: Managing business operations

    You will be introduced to the key aspects of businesses and the way they operate in the context of the wider environment. You’ll also gain knowledge and understanding of key business functions and how they contribute to success.

  2. Level 4, Unit 2: Business environment

    Understand what is meant by the business environment and the impact it has. This knowledge will then allow you to develop approaches for dealing with change.

  3. Level 4, Unit 3: Personal effectiveness

    This module examines the significance of time management and what skills managers need to possess and develop in order to solve problems. You’ll also discuss the issue of management stress.

  4. Level 4, Unit 4: The entrepreneurial manager

    Here, you will identify the various, often competing, perspectives of entrepreneurial management and how they support organisational change.

  5. Level 4, Unit 5: Business planning and goal setting

    In this module, you’ll identify how to set important business goals and how to achieve these goals as part of ongoing planning.

  6. Level 4, Unit 6: The manager’s toolkit

    This module introduces some of the tools used in management and their respective uses. You’ll also learn about analysing situations within an organisation; develop solutions to organisational problems; evaluate an organisation’s position in its operating and competitive environment; and develop elements of an effective organisational strategy.

  7. Level 4, Unit 7: Managing and using finance

    Gain an understanding of finance, including an introduction to accounting and financial terminology.

  8. Level 4, Unit 8: Managing and using marketing

    This module aims to develop knowledge of marketing, the marketing planning process, and the role of internal as well as external marketing. From here, you will be able to understand the value of marketing activities within the organisation.

  9. Level 4, Unit 9 - Psychology of entrepreneurship

    This module introduces the fundamentals of psychology and how they relate to the entrepreneurial side of business.

  10. Level 4, Unit 10 - Innovation and creativity

    In this final Level 4 module, you’ll explore the role innovation and creativity both play for organisations. You’ll begin to understand and recognise the importance of both, and how to implement them as part of a strategy.

  11. Level 5, Unit 1: The entrepreneurial manager

    This module asks the question, what is an entrepreneur? You’ll also examine the skills and qualities entrepreneurs possess.

  12. Level 5, Unit 2: Organisation structures

    Here, you’ll learn why organisations are structured in a certain way and how that structure is determined. You’ll also explore numerous models and theories surrounding organisational structure.

  13. Level 5, Unit 3: Practical accounting analysis

    This module introduces you to exercises to understand the information provided by accounts and the actions you can take as a result.

  14. Level 5, Unit 4: Business planning and goal setting

    In this module, you’ll consider what your business is trying to achieve, what you’ll need to do to get there, and the need for clear goal-setting.

  15. Level 5, Unit 5: Politics and business

    You’ll explore the impact of politics on business and how this helps or hinders business operations. You’ll also examine attributes such as economic impact, exports and what government support is available.

  16. Level 5, Unit 6: Business law

    In this module, you’ll examine the statutory responsibilities of managers and the legal requirements of both businesses and those involved in running them.

  17. Level 5, Unit 7: Managing in today’s world

    This module focuses on governance and equality and the responsibilities businesses have to ‘do the right thing’ in the modern world.

  18. Level 5, Unit 8: Performance management

    Here, you’ll understand how people and businesses grow together. You’ll gain further knowledge of reward structures, CPD, training and development, and how these all contribute to high levels of performance.

  19. Level 5, Unit 9: Marketing and sales planning

    Analyse how to bring markets, customers, competitors and products together into a cohesive plan that has clear targets and goals.

  20. Level 5, Unit 10: Quantitative skills

    By completing this module, you’ll hone your knowledge of numeric exercises and will understand their use within the context of the business.

Awarding Body

Qualifi is a leading 21st century Awarding Organisation founded to meet the developing education and training needs of learners and employers from the UK and around the globe serving the needs of learners and employers in the UK and worldwide every year.

This online course also carries up to 240 UCAS credits, which are used as part of university applications.

Course Outcome

By completing this combined Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Management, you’ll be able to progress on to the final year of an undergraduate degree and then onto completing an MBA at a later stage at one of the UK’s leading universities.

How is this course assessed or examined?

This course is made up of 10 level 4 modules and 10 level 5 modules, each of which will be assessed by one multiple choice test and written assignments (10 assignments at Level 4 and six assignments at Level 5).

Entry requirements

To enrol onto the Level 4 course, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a full secondary education. Before enrolling onto the Level 5 course, you must have attained a Level 4 or equivalent.