Business Administration Level 6

Advance your knowledge of business and work towards gaining an MBA with a Level 6 Diploma in Business Administration.
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Business Administration Level 6 online course

This Level 6 online course is ideal for learners who already have significant managerial experience but have hopes to study an MBA in the future. You’ll have access to a host of resources and dedicated learning hours with a personal tutor, to ensure you progress at the pace you are comfortable with.

Delivered by Oxbridge in partnership with OBS, this diploma is Ofqual recognised and you may be eligible for ELCAS funding and a free TOTUM discount card to help you finance your studies. You’ll complete a series of modules designed to build on your existing knowledge and enhance your understanding of the principles of  business administration, ready for when it comes to studying for an MBA.

Studying this Level 6 Diploma sets you up for an exciting, successful future within business and opens opportunities to advance your career, whatever your aspirations. The course follows the Qualifi 603/1037/6 syllabus and is recognised by many of the UK’s leading universities as an ideal entry qualification.

What you will learn

  1. Unit 1 - IT in Business

    IT, or Information Technology, can bring critical advantages in competitive market environments. In this first module, you’ll learn the importance of IT and how to utilise it effectively.

  2. Unit 2 - Effective communications

    Without effective communication, a business cannot succeed. Learn how to deploy an efficient communications policy within an organisation and how to contributes to growth.

  3. Unit 3 - High performance teams

    Designed for both new and experienced managers, this module will enable you to develop confidence in developing team building and enabling colleagues to expand the skills that they might already have.

  4. Unit 4 - Leadership skills

    Good leadership is vital for taking a business forward and inspiring teams. In an ever-changing environment, leadership is a vital skill to continue developing.

  5. Unit 5 - Manager’s toolkit

    There is no shortage of tools and strategies that managers can draw on when it comes to strategy development. This module explores these in detail and empowers you to use the necessary approaches regardless of the situation.

  6. Unit 6 - Managing and using finance

    In this module, you’ll cover the key areas of finance from a business perspective and how to use accountancy to shape business decisions

  7. Unit 7 - Managing and using marketing

    In this module, you’ll understand how to use marketing to continuously deliver the highest standards that today’s customers expect, particularly when it comes to service and value.

  8. Unit 8 - Managing organisations

    The structure, culture and management of an organisation has a huge influence on its overall performance. This module examines these areas in detail and how these contribute to success.

  9. Unit 9 - Personal effectiveness

    Personal effectiveness covers key skills and abilities that each individual needs need to have, regardless of job, status or professional background. This module explores how to use these skills to achieve greater productivity and results.

  10. Unit 10 - Quality and excellence

    These terms are frequently used throughout a multitude of business contexts. Explore the similarities and differences, and how to apply them both to various scenarios.

Awarding Body

Qualifi is a leading 21st century Awarding Organisation founded to meet the developing education and training needs of learners and employers from the UK and around the globe serving the needs of learners and employers in the UK and worldwide every year.

This online course also carries up to 120 UCAS credits, which are used as part of university applications.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of this online learning course, you will be awarded the Qualifi Level 6 Diploma in Diploma in Business Administration- 603/1037/6. This will then allow you to progress onto higher education and apply for a full MBA programme. You can also progress onto the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.

How is this course assessed or examined?

This course is assessed by five written assignments, of approximately 2000 – 3000 words in length. You’ll also have opportunities to gain feedback from your personal tutor as part of your ongoing progression.

Entry requirements

This Level 6 course is for non-university graduate mature students (age 25 or older) who have five years managerial work experience and aspire to study for an MBA.