For a passionate and quirky bunch, keeping a secret this big has been somewhat of a challenge! The team were itching to share what’s been going on behind the scenes. Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to bring our efforts to life and to finally announce:

We’ve launched a new Oxbridge!

Why? Because we’re firm believers that if there’s a possibility to improve, you should.

Keep growing, adapting and changing.

And as the needs of our students are constantly evolving, we decided it was time for a change too. Just like Joyce Brothers said, “change nothing and nothing changes.” The fact is, we’re always listening to feedback from our students so that we can deliver the best learning experience possible. We listened. We evolved.

Will Oxbridge be different from before?

No! We’re not going ‘out with the old and in with the new’ – we’re reinforcing what we’re already good at.

Online and distance learning has often faced stigma, but we say, ‘screw stigma.’ We’re making online learning more human, creating experiences that are enriched by new technologies and bringing students closer to their lifestyle goals.

The new Oxbridge is a platform for personal empowerment, promising to lift the limits from traditional ways of learning to spread positive energy, enthusiasm and support.

That’s why we dropped the ‘Home Learning’ from our name. It just didn’t make sense to say that our students can only learn from home.

Learning without limits is about being able to learn anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

So, what else has changed?

We’ve had a spruce up!

Our fresh new look reflects modern trends and promises to be bright and popping to keep you motivated! Our bold colours, friendly font and smiling logo reflect our values: warm & approachable, upbeat & positive, committed & generous, free-spirited and genuinely caring.

It’s the Oxbridge culture shining through. Even our new OXB icon is bursting with ‘Oxbridge’ energy! Notice how it looks like a heart?

More fun, more human

After coffee and Jaffa cake-fuelled team workshops and extensive research into your learning journeys, we identified the things that really matter. That’s why, we’re shifting the way we communicate to become more fun and more human. With unlimited freedom and the added security of a 1-1 tutor, our students have the best of both worlds.

Our advisers, support services and tutors want you to feel understood; but beyond that, you should feel like talking to us is easy. The new Oxbridge makes learning exciting, cutting out all the fluff.

We’re building a community of free-spirited learners who feel empowered to overcome expectations and find out what they’re made of.

The future is digital

Our new look promises to represent our thought-leading attitude. Our new theme has been designed with technology in mind, as we’re determined to ride the technological wave (especially as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) becomes more prominent in learning).

Our ambitions are far from small and this new launch is just the start of the vision we have for the college; in the future we aim to implement all things interactive. To give you an insight, we’re working towards making all our courses online with the option of paper-based – evolving and moving with the times.

Community is everything

As well as further developing our learning materials, we want to emphasise the importance of our community. After hearing so many stories from our students, (ones that left us speechless!) we were inspired to connect a network of like-minded people. We want to discard the distance from distance learning. After all, a single flame can light a thousand candles.

The Oxbridge family does just that, uniting real stories from real people, cultivating a college culture you’re proud to be a part of. We know that lifelong learning is a lifestyle, so we’re focused on amplifying that 100x…

The new Oxbridge was inspired by you and your stories! It all comes back to our learners’ determination, our drive to help you succeed, and one clear mantra that built the bare-bones of Oxbridge:

I can. I will.

It embodies every decision, every direction and every change our students make, and Oxbridge are so incredibly proud of that! Whether you’re a student of Oxbridge or wanting to be, we know you’ve got an #IcanIwill story too.

Join the hype on social media and give yourself a voice by shouting about something you’re proud of using the hashtag #IcanIwill

No matter what challenges you face and whatever you want to achieve, Oxbridge are here to help you every step of the way. The difference between the impossible and possible lies in your determination.

Remember: You can. You will.