Yet another website that you need to sign up to? It can feel like there is a new must-join website every other day. However, LinkedIn does differ because this website can have a significant impact on your professional career. Therefore, it is certainly worth paying attention to. So what is LinkedIn and Do I need a LinkedIn profile?

What is LinkedIn and do I need a LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is a US-based business networking site that began operating in May 2003. As the popularity of LinkedIn has increased, more employers are using it as a recruitment tool. As it stands, there are currently 300 million members from over 200 countries registered on LinkedIn. This fact illustrates how useful LinkedIn can be from a global economic perspective, especially as a large percentage of these members will be recruiters.

What does LinkedIn do?

Is LinkedIn a social media platform, an online CV, or a job search facility? The answer is that it is all three. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals that allows you to connect with other people within your network. You are also able to set up your personal profile that allows you to list your education, work experience and achievements, as you would with a CV. LinkedIn also advertises job vacancies, and registered users can follow employers that interest them.

Who uses LinkedIn?

For the most part, professionals wishing to connect with other professionals use LinkedIn. Usually, your connections will start with colleagues you work with, but your network will expand as you connect with people who work in a related field. Therefore, it is very easy to build a network in a short space of time.

A wider range of cohorts is now using LinkedIn. The New York Times reported last year that US high school students are setting up LinkedIn profiles to include when submitting college applications. Therefore, it is not just established professionals who are using LinkedIn.

How can LinkedIn benefit you?

This is possibly the most crucial question when it comes to deciding whether to join LinkedIn. Everyone now lives quite time-limited lives and therefore need to prioritise what to get involved with. Most of you are familiar with how sites like Facebook can soak up your time.

One of the main advantages of being on LinkedIn is that it will allow you to connect directly with employers. Many people would argue that, in fact, not being on LinkedIn can be detrimental in regards to career progression. Another great aspect of LinkedIn is that people you have worked with can leave you testimonials and recommend you for your skills on your profile.

LinkedIn also allows you to update your employment details promptly rather than having to deal with a paper CV. LinkedIn also offers a wide range of useful content in regards to news and tips That can be invaluable, especially if you are hoping to break into a specific industry or profession.

OK, what’s stopping you – get yourself on there. Hopefully, now you can see the real benefits of engaging with this site. Doing so may also inspire you to build your experience and undertake further education and training; such as a distance learning course offered at Oxbridge.