Okay, so it’s cold outside and the thought of getting up early out of the warm and comfy bed is more terrifying than appealing. I understand. As you peep out of the window, the glistening frost has surrounded you, somehow it’s even less appealing to stick to those resolutions. I understand. Being and to stay motivated in January is hard!

You made those resolutions for a reason, but one skipped day wont matter will it? You are on that slippery slope and there is only one way to go!

There is no getting away from it  New Years resolutions are hard, with most people breaking them before they have started or putting them off til the following year (hello experience talking). This route is not for you. You are going to change for the better, you are going to #BeMore.

Here are my top 3 tips to stay motivated in January:

1. Set small daily or weekly goals 

Don’t over do it especially in the beginning, start small, adjust and build upon!

2. Be forgiving of yourself 

So you slipped off the wagon? Ok more like took a huge tumble on a non-slip floor. Doesn’t matter, hit reset and do better tomorrow and do so! Don’t get down over things that have happened use them as a catalyst for better things!

3. Make it fun –

There is nothing worse than doing something you dislike. We have all been here whether it be work, a gym class or Aunt Hildas Christmas turkey curry every year without fail, even though no one likes her let alone her dry bland curry! I transgress, but it is true; no one likes it. However, the best part about your resolutions is that you can decide upon them, so if you want to get fit but don’t like running, join a team. If you don’t like going somewhere alone, enlist a friend or relative. If you want to learn but don’t have the time to attend colleges, choose Distance Learning.

Stay motivated in January, Try it; you never know ’til you do!