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Tutor Support

Tutor support is vital to what we do. We provide students with the ability to learn from anywhere and to gain access to the support they need at the same time. We make distance learning easy with specially designed and quality course materials.

When you enrol on any of our courses, we assign you a personal course tutor. We pride ourselves on the quality of our course tutors and know that they hold the key to success.

Tutor Support At Any Time

Your tutor is on hand to support you through any aspect of your course. If you are struggling with a topic or looking for further reading advice, they will take the time to see you through. Distance learning doesn’t mean that you are on your own. From enrolment to your final assessment, you can contact your personal tutor as many times as you want.

How Tutor Support Can Help You Succeed

Your personal course tutor is on hand to see you through the whole process. To motivate you, inspire you and support you as you study towards your qualification. Our course tutors are college or university lecturers and experts in their field who are passionate about helping you to achieve the best possible results. Our tutor support runs for a full 12 months (unless otherwise stated), though you have the option to extend this for a small fee.

Tutor Support and You

“My tutor was encouraging, and seemed genuinely interested, over emails we had really struck up a friendship, she seemed to know more about my life than me, out of the blue she suggested that I applied to the hospital to go on ‘Bank Staff’ I had never even heard of this, but I asked one my colleagues about it and she introduced me to the Department’s Head of Administration - a couple of hours later I had an email asking me to fill out the application form. As a result of my course and my new job I had so much more to put on my CV than before, I had a good feeling about this.”

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