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Chloe’s Story

Chloe is 24 and from the North of England. Here’s her story:

” I’d left school with a few low grade GCSE’s, my school didn’t seem interested in real jobs or the students that wanted these jobs such as a car mechanic, a builder or a nursery nurse; this is where my passion was. I love the idea of working with children ever since my first babysitting job.

I heard about Oxbridge through a friend who was re-taking some GCSE’s, and decided to have a look at their website. With the help of a student advisor, I have enrolled on the Nursery Nurse Level 3 diploma. It was lovely to talk to someone who was genuinely interested in helping me find what I wanted to do. The advisor listened and advised, I didn’t feel one of a number like at school and I didn’t feel pushed into something and this was something I really wanted to do.

We also spoke about where this course could take me once I had completed it and where I see my future when I have more experience. This is something I hadn’t even thought of, I suppose I learnt that learning doesn’t have to stop once you’ve completed the minimum government set requirements, this course has helped me build a better life and future and I’ve realised that regardless of educational back ground you can go on to do more, distance learning is for everyone.

I now work in a fabulous nursery only a short bus ride away from my house, the hours are long and I’m not going to lie some of the children can be little monsters but seeing them learn and flourish is such an amazing experience, it really makes the job worthwhile. I’m taking driving lessons and I’m (fairly) close to my test, if you had said this after I’d left school and was getting up at midday for my 3 ’til 8 shift at the local Westfield shopping centre I wouldn’t have believed it. I feel accomplished and as though I have achieved; my certificates prove this! I am now enrolled on the SEN [Special Educational Needs] course which I hope will give me a competitive edge in future positions and perhaps once I’ve got more experience manage a nursery myself. My advice to anyone thinking of doing it is the same as buying nice trainers ‘just do it’. ”

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