The person was very helpful …

"The person was very helpful and tried to send so many links to my email to help me."

trustpilot rating
Tosin akintunde

Kelly baldwin really helped me today

"Kelly Baldwin really helped me today, She promptly replied and resolved my problem in a few minutes. It does really help when there is someone friendly on the live webchat. I feel much happier now that I have switched to a course appropriate to my level. Nothing is too much trouble. Thank you Kelly."

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Dawn romero

Aimee was very helpful and…

"Aimee was very helpful and professional. She was very clear about the process and next steps."

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Im very happy with the deal that i got…

"Im very happy with the deal that i got from company, looking forward to start my journey ."

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Ewelina sambor

Very helpful

"Spoke to Aaron. Very quick and informative replies"

trustpilot rating
Byron k-j

All the correspondence and help i have had has been excellent and i would highly recommend oxbridgehomelearning

"All the correspondence and help I have had with Oxbridgehomelearning has been fantastic. Very sympathetic to our needs and helpful in finding solutions for our son."

trustpilot rating
Fiona carter

Very understanding and empathetic…

"David was very understanding and empathetic person, fast communication xx"

trustpilot rating
Kat duffy

David told me everything i needed to…

"David told me everything I needed to know."

trustpilot rating
Dave peacock

The tutors for my daughters gcse's were…

"The tutors for my daughters GCSE's were so kind and caring, but gave her the motivation when needed. She has recently started 3 A levels with Oxbridge after such a good experience and they are going well too. I love the idea of the personal tutor, very similar experience to school, and again the tutors are guiding and motivational. The online learning portal is easy to use and from a parents perspective easy to understand. Past and present experience: couldn't be better. Thank you for helping my daughter to get the grades she wanted."

trustpilot rating
Andrea phillips

Good attentive service

"good attentive service"

trustpilot rating
Holly shorney-darby

Amazing! thank you kelly!

"I spoke to Kelly just this morning, and she was so helpful and kind. She even asked how I was doing, which no other member of staff had done, so she really made my day. She was very apologetic (even though the issue wasn’t her fault) and she gave me advice and the correct details I needed to use. Thank you so much Kelly, your a gem 💎 x"

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Ameena mohammed

The response from david was just on…

"The response from David was just on time and well educating. I also liked the advise he gave me."

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Luxon kambere