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Health & Social Care Courses

Health & Social Care Courses

There will be a time in everyone’s lives when they need some care and support from a health and social care worker.
Oxbridge Home Learning nationally recognised online courses are designed so you have the skills needed to work with some of society’s most vulnerable people, including the elderly, children, and adults with learning difficulties.

There is no clear-cut definition of health and social care. It covers a wide range of services provided by local authorities and the independent sector to children and adults in need or at risk.
Carers typically find themselves working in: care homes, clinics, hospitals, medical practices, and out in the community in the homes of people in need of their help.

The NHS is the UK’s largest employer of health and social care, providing 1.7 million people with health and social care jobs, one of our distance learning courses could prepare you for a range of career opportunities in this sector, such as:

  •     Care assistant
  •     Support worker
  •     Social work assistant
  •     Social worker
  •     Carer

In a recent survey of people working in social care, 88% of people said they were happy in their jobs and 99% said that they like feeling that they help people.

Working in this industry you will gain an enormous sense of personal achievement by making a positive difference to people’s lives and careers in social care offers long-term employment prospects, with great opportunities for promotion and progression. 

Think you don't have time? Well, fortunately in today's modern technologically advanced world you can study from the flexibility, comfort and convenience of your own home. Distance learning courses or Home learning provides you with the same nature and experience as you would benefit from in a classroom environment, but to best suit your needs at home.

When you enrol with us you are safe in the knowledge that we are a trusted and experienced distance learning provider.  You will receive excellent support whilst learning with us, we are here to help every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on very high standard of courses which is reflected in our high pass rates.

The work can be, and often is, challenging, but it is so rewarding, so don’t just dream of pursuing a career that you love – do something about it! Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
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£475.00 Ex Tax: £395.83
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£495.00 Ex Tax: £412.50
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£225.00 Ex Tax: £187.50
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£395.00 Ex Tax: £329.17
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£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
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£345.00 Ex Tax: £287.50
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£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
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£345.00 Ex Tax: £287.50
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£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
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£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
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£275.00 Ex Tax: £229.17
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£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
An understanding of psychology can be life enhancing. Our Biological, physical, cognitive,..
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