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Psychology Courses

Psychology Courses

Psychology covers a wide range of areas.  We offer courses that range from child psychology that gives you an in-depth knowledge of children's behaviour through to sports psychology which aims to give you the tools to understand and motivate the mind of a sports person.

We provide courses for beginners through to more advanced levels so don't worry, there will be a course to suit your experience and skill level. 

“Understanding and explaining how the thought, feeling and behaviour of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of other human beings” (1985). – Gordon Allport

All of our courses are studied from home so you can learn at convenient times to suit your own schedule.  Join the hundreds of recently enrolled students of all ages and backgrounds enhancing their career by studying Psychology with Oxbridge Home Learning via online distance learning. 

"The best thing about this course for me is that I really enjoy the subject and can actually do something with my achievement."
Amelia Hargreaves - Brighton.

Don’t just dream of pursuing a career that you love – do something about it! Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Home learning provides you with the same nature and experience as you would benefit from in a classroom environment, but to best suit your needs at home.  When you enrol with us you are safe in the knowledge that we are a trusted and experienced distance learning provider - you will receive excellent support whilst learning with us - we are here to help every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on very high standard of courses which is reflected in our high pass rates. 

£645.00 Ex Tax: £537.50
The mind is an amazing thing.  Is there really anything more fascinating than yoursel..
£445.00 Ex Tax: £370.83
If you have an interest in counselling and helping others, or are already using counsellin..
£345.00 Ex Tax: £287.50
This course is designed for people who wish to gain an advanced understanding of principl..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Do you want to make a lifetime of difference to children? Do you have a passion for caring..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Child Psychology is one of the most fascinating areas of psychology. Whether you work with..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
The role of the criminal (or forensic) psychologist is becoming increasingly popular for..
£399.00 Ex Tax: £332.50
The Criminology Advanced Diploma has been produced to increase your knowledge of the Crimi..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
What is crime? In what ways can theoretical perspectives help explain crime and criminal..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
The use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs is one of the more controversial issues in..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
The educational system provides a wide range of opportunities for psychologists.  Bec..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Forensic psychology is the intersection between psychology and the justice system.  W..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Do you envisage yourself in a white suit, with latex gloves and lots of plastic bags? A..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
This course aims to introduce the learner to understanding and responding to various menta..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Some people need extra care or support - practical or emotional - to lead an active life..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Are you the one that people come to when they have a decision to make? Are you the one who..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
The objectives of the course are to understand the nature of stress, explore people’s resp..
£225.00 Ex Tax: £187.50
Do you have an interest in raising or building upon your knowledge of mental health issues..
£345.00 Ex Tax: £287.50
"NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them. It is just amazing." — Oprah Winfrey,..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
An understanding of Psychology can be life enhancing. Our biological, physical, cognitive,..
£245.00 Ex Tax: £204.17
Are you confident that your Safeguarding and Duty of Care training is robust? Are you are ..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Sociology is the study of social behaviour, including its origins, development and organis..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen" - Michae..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a major health and social problem in the UK. There has b..
£295.00 Ex Tax: £245.83
An understanding of psychology can be life enhancing. Our Biological, physical, cognitive,..
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