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Project Management Courses

Project Management Courses

Are you good at juggling multiple tasks? Do you have great people skills? Have you thought about becoming a project manager?

Project managers plan and organise resources and people to make sure projects finish on time, stay within budget and meet the requirements of the business. Project Managers work in all industries from Construction to IT.

After studying online with Oxbridge Home Learning, you will be able to plan, lead and deliver successful projects with Project Management training courses and certifications. On this Distance Learning course, you will gain the real-world skills you need to manage projects, estimate risk and develop leadership skills with our Project Management training curriculum. Enhance your credentials with our courses.

Our project management courses cover two methodologies:

  • AgilePM - The fundamentals of Agile Project Management are that both features and budget are variable but deadlines are fixed. This methodology is particularly suitable to software development, engineering, information technology and other business activities.
  • PRINCE2 - Has become increasingly popular and is now a de facto standard for project management in many UK government departments and emphases dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages.

In today’s complex global business environment, effective project management skills are in great demand and are always highly valued within a business as they ensure deadlines are met, costs are controlled and the deliverables are right first time. Therefore, with these Project Management courses, your skills will be in high demand.

All of our Project Management courses are employer recognised throughout the world and hold the same value certification from a college or university.  The course is supplied in association with Training Byte Size Limited.

Project Management Opportunities:

As a Project Manager holding the right qualifications, you could be employed directly by a company, or by a firm of project management consultants but also freelance contracts for the duration of a project are common.
With experience, you could progress into senior management or become a freelance consultant. Salaries vary and depend on experience, and importantly the industry and the size and type of project you are working on. There may be extra bonuses for meeting deadlines.
Ordinarily, Junior project managers normally start on about £25,000 to £30,000 a year. Experienced managers can earn from £30,000 to in excess of £60,000
Freelance project managers will negotiate a daily rate for the length of the contract. (Figures are intended as a guideline only)


£475.00 Ex Tax: £395.83
AgilePM® launched in October 2010, extracts the Project Management elements of the DS..
£595.00 Ex Tax: £495.83
If you are good at managing lots of different tasks and lots of different people and you c..
£475.00 Ex Tax: £395.83
Do you have experience in Project Management and need to refresh your skills or do you wan..
£475.00 Ex Tax: £395.83
PRINCE2® is the best practice for formal project management (PM) and by taking this online..
£595.00 Ex Tax: £495.83
Move to the next level in your project management career. The Practitioner is the..
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