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Oxbridge Founder Matt Jones Wins ‘Leader of the Year’ Award

posted by Rob on Monday, 18 November 2019

We are delighted to share the amazing news that the founder of Oxbridge, Matt Jones, has been awarded the title ‘Leader of the Year’ at the 2019 West Midlands Leadership Awards. Alongside achieving the ‘winner of all winners’ award, Matt also picked up an award for ‘Company Leader (up to 100 employees).’ This is the first time that Matt has been named the overall winner of an awards ceremony, and an honour to mark this milestone at the Leadership Awards.

The awards were a pleasant surprise and warmly welcomed by Matt, who has been commended for his leadership at a number of events this year, having been recently named ‘Start-up Director of the Year’ at the 2019 Institute of Directors Awards. Oxbridge also earned ‘Service Provider of the Year’ and featured in Mill & Reeves Innovation 50 Report for its impressive dedication to inclusiveness and diversity for the college’s home learners and employees.

Winning Big at The Leadership Awards

The Leadership Awards celebrates role models that empower people within their organisations to be the best they can be. As leaders, they raise the bar for other companies to follow. As winners, they show the qualities of striking leadership and can validate the positive influence their leadership has on people and the surrounding community.

Matt won in the following categories:

  • Company Leader (up to 100 employees):

This category celebrates small business leaders who’ve worked wonders to make a difference, overcoming challenges with flexible ideas and approaches that inspire its employees to greatness. Matt’s win reflects how he champions all of these areas within Oxbridge.

  • Leader of the Year:

This award is given to one leader out of all the chosen award winners. Matt was named as someone who embodies outstanding leadership within Oxbridge college and is an exemplar for the whole of the region.

As Matt went up to claim his well-deserved prizes, the Oxbridge team (once sitting on the edge of their seat biting their nails) were tooting and celebrating with pride. The team all feel it was a well-deserved

win as it’s Matt’s leadership that empowers the college to thrive.

A Leader Making a Difference

A pioneer of eLearning, Matt, 36, has grown two successful EdTech colleges since 2007. To get there, he’s built a passionate team to support and help 60,000+ students to achieve personal goals, develop their skills, and advance their careers in the right ways. With passionate people behind him, Matt can help others find the success they deserve.

We spoke to our super trooper of a leader Matt after picking up his second award of the day. Once he caught his breath, he said: “Arghhh… Thanks so much guys. I’m absolutely over the moon! There’s so much talent in this room, so to be named as the best leader in the West Midlands is absolutely fantastic.

A huge thank you to my team and everyone at The Business Desk for organising the Leadership Awards. The Midlands has been a wonderful place to help people to learn, grow and achieve their goals. This award shows what you can achieve when you empower your people, support them, enable them to thrive, eliminate barriers and overcome expectations in today’s climate.

This has been an important year for Oxbridge, its team, and its students. We’re on the rise and show no sign of slowing down with more and more people choosing distance learning with Oxbridge. What a great way to end 2019. 2020, here we come.’

A spokesperson for Leadership Awards commented, “Matt has shown outstanding leadership qualities and has a natural aptitude for rallying his team of star players to greatness by being a fun boss who develops, inspires, and helps them to conquer all expectations. From this empowering leadership, Oxbridge has seen tremendous success.”

Big Support for Big Wins From Micro-sculpture Artist

Matt Jones had the support of world-famous artist Willard Wigan MBE at the awards ceremony last week. Wigan creates the smallest sculptures in the world, art inside the eye of a needle that is invisible to the naked eye.

He makes what seems impossible not only a reality but a masterpiece. For this reason, we are proud to have Willard Wigan as an inspiration for our students and an ambassador of the Oxbridge ethos: I can I will.

After the awards, Wigan commented: “I was honoured to be a guest of Oxbridge at the Leadership Awards. It was really nice getting to know Matt’s team who are all so passionate about what they do. We also discussed my work and the experience I had when I was at school… I’m glad to hear Oxbridge are offering people a second chance to learn in a way that suits them.

Seeing Matt win ‘Leader of the Year’ was just the cherry on top of the whole day. A well-deserved win!”

In the future, Oxbridge would like to expand on this collaboration with Willard Wigan and will soon be releasing an exclusive interview.

The Leadership Awards was held on Friday 15th November at the Botanical Gardens, Birmingham.

Photo credit: @JasSansi