Tom Hollins

Meet Tom, he heads up our English and social sciences department. Tom creates some of our course material, takes care of the other tutors in his department, and tutors some of our A-level and GCSE students. In this video, Tom discusses his tutoring experience and mentions the two books he’s written. Find out which five words his students would use to describe him.

Dr. Javeria Anwar

Meet Javeria, she is a personal tutor for some of our maths and science GCSE and A-level students. Javeria writes some of our course material. In this video, Dr. Javeria Anwar, a qualified dentist, explains how her career has developed while she’s lived in various countries. She also mentions how her students can reach her for help for specific queries. Javeria then tells us what she loves about science-based subjects – including how much they help in day-to-day life and employment.

Punam Farmah

Meet Punam, she is a personal tutor for our aspiring counselling and CBT students. She talks us through what it's really like to be a counsellor, and the job opportunities that await you once you've completed your course. She delves into her fascination with psychology, and the mysteries of the human mind.