Skills and Career Guidance

As Covid-19 continues to hit the economy hard, 1.5 million people now find themselves unemployed. If you’ve been affected by job loss, you might be considering re-training, or even starting your own business that will offer financial independence. In this section, you’ll find a selection of career guides, helpful infographics, and insightful advice which will help you to think carefully about your next career move and begin a plan of action.
Starting a career in health and social care

Here, we’ve delved into four popular jobs in health and social care, detailing exactly what you need to do to land the role if you think it’s a good fit for you.

Pertemps Support Pack (Download)

This downloadable Pertemps job support pack is packed with expert advice on creating a perfect CV and cover letter, as well as job interview preparation techniques.

Three profitable businesses you can start from home

With the current economic forecast, you might be wondering if it’s possible to start a successful business from home right now. The answer is yes! Here are three businesses that are sure to turn a profit.

Three online courses that will boost your CV

Improve your employability with these three online courses that will give you the skills all hiring managers look for in new recruits.

Starting a career in health and wellbeing

We’ve listed the most popular careers in health and wellbeing that our students have qualified for, with the steps you need to take to enter those professions.

Starting a career in finance

Find out if a career in finance is for you, and how to easily get qualified without having to go to university.

Starting a career in childcare or education

Explore some of the different careers within the education and childcare sector, and find out exactly what qualifications you need to enter the industry.

Five recession-proof careers for 2021

Many industries have suffered from the 2020 pandemic and subsequent recession. Here, we’ll explore the careers you can enter that will offer longevity and security.

Finding happiness after redundancy: Louisa’s story

Louisa is one of the thousands of people around the UK who suffered job loss at the hands of Covid-19. We spoke to her to find out all about her journey, and how she moved on to bigger and better things.