Goal Planner

With unlimited opportunities but no sense of direction, job seeking can often be overwhelming.

How do you narrow down your job search? Where might you fit in? What are you good at?

These are all important questions, and to answer them, you need to first pinpoint your personal goals, skills, and achievements.

As you work through the Job Ready goal planner, you’ll reflect on what makes you happy and what you desire in an ideal career so that you can make an actionable plan for job searching.

We aim to challenge you to challenge yourself, to commit to your vision and take the steps needed to make it a reality.

To support you with that, you’ll also have access to a digital diary with questions to answer daily and keep track of your progress.

As an extra bonus, you’ll have the option of a free consultation with our course advisers to discuss your options and next steps when you complete your goal planner and send it back to us.

Our course advisers are subject specialists and can talk to you about what relevant experience and qualifications you might need to pursue a particular career path.

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