Accounting & Bookkeeping

Online Accounting & Bookkeeping Courses from Oxbridge Home Learning, allow you to become qualified from home, at your own pace and in your own time. We offer Distance Learning ICB courses from Level 2 to Level 4, giving you the opportunity to not only progress in your current role but also change your career.

Bookkeeping and Accounting are both relevant tools in communicating the financial activity, performance and condition of a business entity.

Bookkeeping is an indispensable subset of accounting, referring to the process of accumulating, organising, storing, and accessing the financial information base of an entity. It’s all about making the numbers add up.

The term accounting is much broader, going into the realm of designing the bookkeeping system, establishing controls to make sure the system is working well, and analysing and verifying the recorded information.

The important role of bookkeeping and accounting in every business has increased the demand for bookkeeping and accounting courses and jobs worldwide, making it a very lucrative career choice.

At Oxbridge Home Learning, we pride ourselves on our very high standard of ICB Bookkeeping & Accounting Courses which is reflected in our high pass rates. Our specially designed and written distance learning courses will provide you with the required industry recognised qualifications from leading and respected awarding bodies.