Retirement Planning Diploma

The Retirement Planning Diploma course aims to provide learners with knowledge on how to effectively plan for their retirement.  This course has been created as an introduction to planning for your retirement.

As planning for your retirement can often seem daunting we aim to help you understand that planning for your retirement should not be an intimidating experience but a positive one instead.  Planning for your retirement is much more than just financial planning. It is also advisable to look at other aspects of life such as keeping busy or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This course will look at key areas that should be considered and will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan your time.

This comprehensive and flexible course will break down the planning process into bite-size chunks, with each unit focusing on a particular area you should be thinking about when planning for your retirement. This course would also be ideal for an individual who is looking to offer non-financial advice to those who are looking at retirement plans or who are newly retired.

To be awarded the Diploma in Retirement Planning, learners are required to successfully complete all five units.

“I've been a mechanic all my life and had no real idea on what i should be doing after my working life was done, apart from tinkering with classic cars of course. felt this gave me some idea, what i got most from it was increased PC skills, i'm very thankful for the learning experience. Didn't have to contact me teacher too much as its easy to follow and very understandable. Wish there was a course i could do at home on golf, however i'm sure my wife is glad there isn't. ”


“Work in financial services and decided to complete this course as i wanted to know what people were being advised and offered and if i was missing anything in my advice to them. Thanks for the help. ”

z. Al-Zahrani

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