NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health

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Are you passionate about health and wellness? Did you know that indulging in the wrong foods can lead to digestive problems and contribute to depression and anxiety? Are you looking to launch a career as a Nutrition consultant? This is a professional Nutrition and Health Course with a recognised Qualification.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors influencing our health. What you eat influences the way you feel, the way you look, the ability to utilise the energy you do have and your ability to fight off infection and disease. Scientific research continually demonstrates that our body’s ability to function is significantly affected by what we eat; and with obesity and health related illnesses on the increase, nutrition is becoming more and more in demand.

This Distance Learning Nutrition and Health course will help you learn what constitutes a balanced diet according to established nutritional science and equips you with the skills and knowledge to advise others. You will understand the dietary of needs for different people and will become competent and confident in giving advice. A career in this field is particularly rewarding as you can make life-changing differences to clients and their families.

This Nutrition and Health Course provides learners working, or intending to work, in settings such as Sport and Recreation, Exercise and Fitness, Hospitality and Catering or Healthcare an understanding of nutrition and health to support their role in the workplace. It also enables learners to progress to other qualifications in this subject area, or within the wider area of healthcare, sport and leisure, or hospitality and catering.

On this Nutrition and Health Course, you will:

  • Increase understanding of the principles of healthy eating and the role of food in maintaining health
  • Increase confidence in planning and achieving a healthy diet and gain an understanding of how an individual’s dietary requirements change throughout their life
  • Provide an understanding of food labelling and the ability to use information from food labels
  • Provide information on eating disorders and increase understanding of the role of a healthy diet for weight management.

Did you know:

The Department of Health policy on reducing obesity and improving diet notes that over 60% of adults and 30% of children are overweight or obese. Health problems associated with this cost the NHS over £5 billion per year.

Discover the key principles of nutrition – an important factor that influences your health on a daily basis.

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  • Awarding body: NCFE CACHE
  • Our course code: X204
  • Qualification code: 601/3389/2
  • Official Qualification Title: NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health

CACHE stands for the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education, and are the leading specialist Awarding Organisation for the Care and Education Sector.

Study Hours

It takes around 126 hours to complete this course.

Study Method

The course is specially designed for study by distance learning. Throughout the course, there will be self-assessment questions, and tutor marked assignments (TMAs), to enable you to monitor your progress.

Course Duration

You have up to a year to complete this course and we have included a suggested number of study hours above. This is usually ample time for learners, even with full-time jobs and other commitments. Don’t worry if you go over the year though, we can organise an extension to your course for an additional fee, which also extends your tutor support.


This qualification is internally assessed and externally quality assured. Each unit is followed by a written tutor-marked assignment (TMA), which is submitted and then marked by your tutor. You will not be required to take an external exam.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, successful learners will receive the following qualification: NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health.

In 2015, NCFE acquired CACHE. As of September 2017, our CACHE courses will now be known as NCFE CACHE, and you will receive your certificate from both awarding bodies.

This qualification comes with NCFE CACHE Level 2 certification. NCFE CACHE have been developing courses in the childcare, education and healthcare sectors since 1945 and are one of the most reputable awarding bodies for qualifications in the UK and overseas. Practitioners working in these areas are much more employable having gained NCFE CACHE certification and many employers specifically ask for their qualifications when taking on members of staff.

Additional Information

Official Qualification Title - NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition & Health

Difficulty - Level 2

Credits - 15

Course Content

1: Explore Principles of Healthy Eating
  • How diet is linked to health
  • Components of a healthy diet
  • Nutrients in food and their role in maintaining health
  • Healthy food preparation
2: Consider Nutritional Needs of a Variety of Individuals
  • Nutritional needs of children and young people
  • Nutritional needs of older people
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Barriers to healthy eating
3: Use Food and Nutrition Information to Plan a Healthy Diet
  • Food labelling
  • Food additives
  • Apply principles of healthy eating
4: The Principles of Weight Management
  • Know the risks associated with ineffective weight management
  • Understand how body image may influence weight management
  • Know about effective methods of weight management
  • Be able to plan a short-term weight management programme for an individual
5: Understanding Eating Disorders
  • Understand the term ‘eating disorder’
  • Understand the causes of eating disorders
  • Understand how an eating disorder may affect the individual and others
  • Understand how a specific eating disorder may be managed
6: Principles of Food Safety
  • The importance of handling food safely
  • Personal hygiene when handling food
  • How to store food safely
  • How food storage can affect the nutritional value of food
  • How to keep the food work area clean
  • How to check food is cooked to the correct temperature
  • How to dispose of food waste safely

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some answers to common student questions, but if you can't find the answer you're looking for then please contact us and we will do everything we can to answer your questions.

You will have access to your personal tutor, via email and telephone, who will mark your assignments and guide you through the course. In addition, you will be supplied with a comprehensive Study Guide which will help you through the study and assessment process. Your personal tutor will be highly experienced in their subject area and qualified to teach.

You don’t need any prior skills in the subject area to start. However, as with all of our courses, we recommend a reasonable level of English reading and writing ability.

We provide all the specially written learning materials you require to study this course at home. The course fee also includes tutor support for the specified duration of your course.

You will receive everything you need to complete this course within the study pack we send to you.

No, this course is assessed by coursework alone.

No, all of the study materials are supplied within your learning pack.

Most students finish comfortably within the course duration period given. However, if you do need more time, your personal tutor support can be extended for an additional fee.

That’s fine, this course can be studied anywhere and is completed by submitting Tutor marked assignments (TMAs).

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