Introduction to Photo Journalism

Photo journalism is a particular form of journalism that uses images to tell a news story.  We all see the results of photo journalism daily. This is done via newspapers, news magazines, and Internet searches. However, a defining photojournalism is difficult for many people.

Photo journalism is not just “taking news pictures.” Photo journalism doesn’t mean you are employed by a specific newspaper or working in a war zone. Photo journalism put simply, is about capturing verbs.  It can be argued that photojournalism is the universal form of mass communication. Writing and speaking both require the knowledge of a specific language.  However,  it is the visual image in many instances be understood by anyone. Facial expressions, emotions, movement and body posture, as well as composition, light and shadow.  All of these can tell a story in the same way that words can.

In our media orientated world, more often than not the pictures tell the story, a lot of the time this is instantly or from the scene. Technology advances such as the Internet have enabled us to see these pictures as they happen. No longer do we have to wait until tomorrow’s newspaper for grainy images.  With the help of this course, you could go on to record your own piece of history.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to ‘think pictures.’ You will need to cultivate a news sense and ‘think journalistically’. You will discover as the course unfolds that this thread must continue through all your work. It must emerge in your pictures, your captions, and the linking ingredient that comprises a further discipline of interviewing.

On this course you will:

  • Be introduced to journalistic techniques and how they relate to photography
  • Be helped to become a Storyteller. Learn the principles of narrative, and how to tell a visual story
  • Be armed with the knowledge and skills to produce professional standard photojournalistic articles

Develop an eye for taking fantastic photos that make news stories sparkle with this introductory photojournalism course.
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Each unit is followed by a written tutor-marked assignment (TMA), which is submitted and then marked by your tutor.  You will not be required to take an external exam.

Course Outcomes

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Additional Information
Level 2
Section 1
Introduction to Freelance Journalism
  • What is news?
  • The elements of news
  • News in the community
  • Community newspapers

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