English Skills (Basic)

Are your basic English skills letting you down?  Are you being left behind or overlooked because your skills aren’t what they should or could be?

This is the ideal course for individuals who would like to develop and enhance their English skills. This course aims to provide the learner with the foundations of how The English language is structured. Each unit studied will aid your learning and help to build your confidence in a number of areas.

The aim of the basic English skills course is to identify what you currently know and provide you with different ways of using your English Skills.  English is a skill for life.  By studying this course you will attain the standard of English needed to express yourself and your ideas clearly.  Better skills can lead to a better job or to further study like National Vocational Qualifications.

Consider this course if:

  • Your second language is English and you have reasonable skills already
  • You find communicating by letter or email difficult
  • Your report writing needs improvement
  • You feel your Grammar lets you down

On this course you will:

  • Improve your ability to communicate in English
  • Gain a better understanding of the principles and practice of written and spoken English
  • Enhance your employability
  • Increase your self-confidence

Home or distance learning is the ideal way to study for so many. It provides you with the flexibility to study at a time and pace to suit you. This means you can fit gaining an education in around your busy lifestyle.

“Far too basic. Should have been clearer in the discription.”

Harry Newton

“From the beginning you are supported all the way.”

Sara Rice

“Very please with my corse I learn much with it ”

Anahi Castell

“I am not from the UK, I find I can speak well but sometimes that is not corresponded in my written. You have difficult grammer and words here. Good luck to me. ”

jd Bresler

“Positive learning experience. Unlike school. ”

Kris Genders

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