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An ideal entry-point into finance, covering the basic foundations of bookkeeping to help you reach Member ICB status. The ICB is the world’s leading institute for certified bookkeepers. Our bundle teaches everything from the principles of double-entry to trial balance sheets. Upon graduation, you can manage bank reconciliations, VAT returns and the final accounts for all non-incorporated businesses. These businesses include sole traders, partnerships and not-for-profit organisations, aka charities.


This ICB Member Bookkeeping bundle offers you:


The fastest route to becoming a ‘Member’ ICB bookkeeper. Save 10% on your course fees by enrolling on the two qualifications necessary to second-tier Member status with the ICB. Meaning you can place the initials MICB at the end of your name.

Our bundle includes the following two courses:

Important: This bundle will only get you to Member ICB status. What this means is that you can’t work with or for a limited company. Furthermore, you will require an ICB Level 4 certificate to work for a limited company.

If you want to add a payroll qualification to your bookkeeping skillset, then you might be interested in our next level bundle package, which includes everything on bookkeeping, accounts and payroll at Level 3. Click –> Level 3 Bookkeeping, Accounts, and Payroll Bundle

For more information about the different levels of ICB membership, as well as the skills and career freedoms you’ll gain, discover our ICB Awarding Body Page.

Save 10% on your course fees by enrolling on the 2 qualifications that are necessary to attain ICB Member status.


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  • Awarding body: ICB

The ICB’s role as a membership body is to provide ongoing support to members to ensure they are knowledgeable and up to date with the latest legislation, mindful of their ethical obligations, and best-placed to provide a trusted and exemplary service to business.

In the bookkeeping industry, The ICB need no introduction, they are the biggest institution of its kind in the world. Effortlessly and professionally maintaining the high standards of bookkeeping as a profession.

Study Hours

It can take up to 240 hours to complete both courses but students usually finish sooner than this.

Study Method

The course is specially designed for study by distance learning. Throughout the course, there will be self-assessment questions, and tutor marked assignments (TMAs), to enable you to monitor your progress. You will need a computer to use your SageOne software.

Course Duration

You have up to one year per course (two years in total). Most learners finish much sooner than this.

This is usually ample time for learners, even with full-time jobs and other commitments. Don’t worry if you go over the year though, we can organise an extension to your course for an additional fee, which also extends your tutor support.


For detailed information on individual course assessments, please click on “Course Content” and visit the links to the individual courses in this bundle or click on the links provided below:

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course bundle you will receive 2 certificates (one per course). You will also be able to obtain associate membership to the ICB and practice as a bookkeeper.

Additional Information

Course Content

1: ICB Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping

Click the link to view the course content for ICB Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping

2: ICB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts

Click the link to view the course content for ICB Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts