At Oxbridge, we want to foster an environment that encourages both professional and personal development. We want to ensure our students feel recognised, so they can confidently voice any concerns they might have. That is why we uphold a structured complaints procedure as part of our student support. 

We would welcome to opportunity to fix any problems you may have before you feel the need to complain. Please get in contact with either Student Support or your Personal Tutor first. We’re all here to help.

In keeping with the company values, we welcome all opportunities for growth and are always open to feedback about anything – our interactions, our courses, our processes. As a distance learning college, enrolling thousands of students a month, we understand that unexpected changes or dissatisfaction can arise. Therefore, it is important for our students to know who to contact and how, if they encounter any issues. 

This policy promises to:  

  • Receive your complaint or query and understand your concerns 
  • Offer a resolution within 10 working days 
  • Resolve your complaint as soon as possible and make sure you are completely satisfied with how we have handled your complaint and why we have come to the conclusion we have. 

To ensure all cases are handled with care, we expect both our students and staff to communicate with politeness and confidentiality in mind. Please refrain from any use of bad language or threats. Ensure your complaint is fact-oriented and thorough to help our student support team reach a quicker resolution.  

We encourage students to review the terms and conditions of their enrolment, as this often provides insight into many raised issues. 

After you’ve exhausted the above and if you feel it necessary to make a formal complaint

Complaints should be sent to Oxbridge in a written form, detailing the issue clearly. Complaints can be communicated in the following way:

  • Post a letter to:  Student Support, Oxbridge, Fazeley House, 50 Rocky Ln, Birmingham B6 5RQ