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  • Looking to expand the course offering on your training website?
  • Try new training sectors from your core expertise?
  • Setting up on business as a training provider and looking for the highest quality courses to provide?

Learning that is always “on”. A college specialising in flexible studying and ultra-personalised learning experiences, delivered via an award-winning online platform.

We offer a huge variety of professional, accredited courses as well as A-levels, GCSEs, functional skills qualifications, that allow people to upskill and retrain to find a brand-new career or help fulfil a burning passion.
We aim to be excellent in all we do, which means being agile, up-to-date and responsive to our students’ needs.
We embrace technology, and continually invest in improvements that allow us to remain at the forefront of learning innovation. Standing still isn’t for us!

How does successful distance learning with us work?

Here at Oxbridge, we understand that students need to fit their studying around other commitments such as employment and family life, and we’ve designed our learning experiences accordingly. Our youngest student is 13 and our oldest is 92, and we welcome everyone regardless of age, the current level of education, background, or experience – we empower all our students everyone to learn without limits.

Our online learning platform, MyOxbridge, allows students to work in their own time and space from mobile, laptop, or tablet, 24/7, 365 days a year. Their progress is saved as they work through each module, and they can pick up right where they left off. They can upload assignments, receive feedback from their personal tutor, and see their grades – all in one place. What’s more, our courses are packed full of exciting features like interactive quizzes, videos, and even links to podcasts! And, because we know life doesn’t always go to plan, our students can take a six-month study break at any point, at no extra cost.

Even with all these perks, our fees are much lower that the majority of other online learning providers, and allow our students to receive exactly the same qualification as they would from a traditional school or college.

What’s in it for you? Our promises

  • We’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd, and try things that our competitors won’t. This means we’re constantly striving to improve our student experience.
  • The courses we’ve developed, designed, and authored provide the best learning experience for your learners, bar none.
  • Our courses offer outstanding value for the content, the delivery package, and the qualification.
  • Our student and admin support are the most accessible and supportive in the industry.
  • We offer our partners an excellent pricing package, which promises a great profit margin for you.

Signing up as a partner

The online learning sector is booming, and there’s never been a better time to get involved. Ready to take the next step? Simply complete our partner contact form and let’s move forward!

We’ll then arrange for a call, zoom, teams meeting to explore our partnership and use our knowledge and expertise to come to help find an arrangement that suits you. And, because we’re here to support you, we can:

  • Help with website course content for your site
  • Offer four options for ordering courses
  • Discuss website tailoring options
  • Provide you with a real-time demonstration of our online learning platform, MyOxbridge.

As a valued partner, we’ll always be transparent in our communications with you, and will answer any questions you have openly and honestly.
So, what are you waiting for? Join us in our mission to revolutionise the distance learning sector, and let’s change lives difference, together