One of the things we do really well here at Oxbridge is course development. Which is why Oxbridge Bespoke™ was born. To develop over 250 in the last 3 years, we built an exceptional team of course developers, authors and digital learning designers. Now they’re also available to create elearning courses for you.

We’re passionate about developing the most amazing learning and that passion spreads to helping others too.

Services we offer

Full course origination

We will research, author and develop a full course or training programme.

Offline to Online

Do you have pre-existing course materials and need them putting online?

Our philosophy to course development

Keep it simple

Learning doesn’t need to be boring, stuffy or overly complicated. We break down complex training into interesting, bitesize microlearning. Using modern learning techniques, we ensure that course materials are produced to be efficient and easy to digest.


We can get people to learn even whilst they’re having fun. Making boring concepts into games or role-play makes those tedious tasks a little more bearable.

Who do we work with?

Well, in short; anyone who has a need to develop learning materials. Oxbridge Bespoke is all about helping you develop learning. We work with independent trainers through to multinational corporations and we enjoy the variety of development that this allows us to experience!

We help training organisations develop courses

It’s a common brief, we regularly help our peers develop amazing learning materials. We’re a strong believing in the phrase “no man is an island” and indeed, we feel this also applies to organisations. We’re better when we work together.

We help schools get their e-learning sorted

We understand that there’s usually no internal responsibility for learning materials. This is where Oxbridge Bespoke can help; let us act as your internal eLearning department and we can ensure your students are provided with a quality, engaging online learning experience.

We help Companies develop bespoke training materials

Every Company has a responsibility to ensure their staff are training and up to date. Whilst some industries have a much heavier emphasis on this than others, we believe every Company, knowingly or unknowingly undertakes regular training and staff development. Let us help you streamline this process by cutting down on “time out of work” and making learning more efficient and the information imparted, retained for longer.