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What is a portfolio career?

posted by Hannah on Friday, 4 November 2016

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You may have heard the term “portfolio careers,” but do you know what this means?

Let us Explain

A portfolio career means you have more than one job. Possibly using different skill sets. Portfolio careers have become increasingly popular because people want to take control of their careers. However, having a portfolio career has also been a necessity due to a less-stable job market that offers many short-term and temporary contracts. A job for life is becoming increasingly rare.

People who have portfolio careers often talk about how rewarding this can be. This is due to this work style offering variety and a way to develop more than just a few narrow skills. However, as always there are downsides. Some of these include working long hours and having to juggle multiple tasks and projects. An example of a portfolio career is someone who runs an online crafts business but who also teaches fitness classes.

The benefits of a portfolio career

Having a portfolio career usually allows you to organise your work pattern. This can be good if you do not like being tied to the same routine every day. This way of working can also mean you have more time for family and friends.

The freedom associated with a portfolio career allows you to have more than one area of interest. Beneficially, you will also have the freedom to choose what you want to do rather than an employer making the choice for you.

This work arrangement requires adaptability, but it also offers flexibility, both in regards to working patterns and the ability to take on different projects. This style of working also allows you to have multiple identities.

The challenges of a portfolio career

The nature of working in this way can mean that you spend a lot of time working by yourself, whether running your own online business from home or being a freelance photographer. You need to be happy with yourself as a companion.

Also, you will need to cough up the money to start your own business, including purchasing any equipment needed and paying for self-promotion.

Finally, having a portfolio career can mean you do not always know where the next job or project is coming, which can lead to unstable finances. You will need to ensure you plan ahead to have enough work in the pipeline to secure your finances.

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