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Obstacles of those wishing to study

posted by Carla on Friday, 8 April 2016

So, what did one tired excuse say to the other? “I’m too old for studying”

We say: “Think again”

Home study removes the perceived obstacles of those wishing to study. Studying has no upper or lower age limits, we have all heard it “age is just a number” and this really applies when it comes to studying! Here at Oxbridge Home Learning we understand that it can sometimes seem like study is only for 18 year olds, those that are fresh out of school and constantly glaring into the screen of the latest technology, but that really isn’t the case. Education has enormous personal and career benefits for people of any age. Study is effectively self improvement and there is no age restrictions on that. Our current student body or list of self-improvers is made up of people of all ages, nationalities and abilities.

5 Popular obstacles of those wishing to study :

I’ll be the oldest in the class – There are no classes to attend, we are 100% Home Study, with the support of your own expert and dedicated tutor. Do you remember a few years ago Hazel Soares of California graduated from Mills College at the age of 94? And Bertie Gladwin who graduated at 90? (Bertie left school in 1935!)

I’m not up to date with technology – You can study online or the more traditional pen and paper style, whichever is more convenient to you, but you are using a computer now … and as there are no strict time limits or deadlines you could improve your IT skills at the same time!

Will I cope with the workload? – Our courses are designed to be completed in your own time, once you have completed a module; you submit, once submitted you await your feedback. There are no deadlines or classes to attend.

Will I be able to fit it in with my other commitments? – Well, only you know the answer to this but you are looking into this so you must be considering it. We can provide you with the right course and give you all the support you require, the course has been designed to be studied from home so you can pick it up and put it down whenever you like.

Its a few hundred pounds, I could spend that on something else … like bills? – Its not irresponsible to invest in yourself and your future. Believe in the value of qualifications. It is important to prioritise but also focus and have ambition.

It’s easy and in just a few steps you can begin to change your life:

  • Enrol on one of our courses by phone ( 0330 222 4010) or on our website
  • We’ll send your course materials to you
  • You study online or using your paper materials with help when you need it from your personal tutor

More, obstacles of those wishing to study: We know what you’re thinking, this can wait until my kids go back to school or I’ll just get Christmas / My husbands birthday / The summer holiday out of the way. Let’s cut to the chase, you’re already here and so you’re a lot closer than you think – just a few clicks away from getting under-way. Our home learning courses can be started at any time, even at midnight on a rainy Tuesday.

We’re here to help, guide and support you all the way; it’s what we’ve always done and what we will continue to do. Have a look here at our expert Tutor Support

In Summary

As I see it, the current government want us all to work until death then we may as well be doing something worthwhile and interesting with our time, so go for that promotion, go for that new job, change industry, do something you love, equip yourself with the right tools and skills, evidence your skills with a qualification and #BeMore