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The value of vitamins

posted by Hannah on Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Are you someone who swears by the value of vitamins by taking a handful every morning with your toast and tea? There are certainly enough vitamins on the market from which to choose. Perhaps you feel that doing so has been the reason why you have avoided the office cold or stayed free of certain tummy bugs.

What the experts say

Well, according to medical professionals from Down Under, vitamins may not provide as many clear benefits as you may think. The president of the Australian Medical Association, Michael Gannon, has stated that people are in many cases wasting their money. The concern felt by members of the medical community is that people are using multivitamins as a replacement for good dietary practices, rather than in addition to eating well.

Contradicting evidence

However, research recently conducted by Queen Mary University of London would seem potentially to contradict these claims. This study of 11,000 people in several countries found that taking vitamin D does, in fact, help people avoid colds and flu. Therefore, it may be that targeting specific deficiencies is the best use of vitamins, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Public Health England has stated that not enough people in the UK gain the necessary vitamin D from sunlight during the winter months. This means that taking a vitamin supplement can be very beneficial.

The value of vitamins

Vitamins can also be very valuable for people who have certain dietary requirements or preferences; including veganism. The value of vitamins supplements can be important to ensure they’re not missing the benefits provided through certain food groups.

Alongside the growth of vitamin consumption has been the recent increased use of protein and energy replacement products. However, the value of these goods has also been called into question because most of you may not participate in exercise or activity that actually requires this level of additional supplement. You may well feel that your five-mile run on a Sunday requires an energy gel. However, your body may not necessarily agree.

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