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Case Study | Distance Learning Benefits by a Very Stressy Mummy!

posted by Carla on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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Are there any distance learning benefits? Is it worth investing time and money into something new? Will I gain anything by doing this? Do I need to improve myself? What will be the benefit to me? These are all questions we get asked a lot; here, one of our Supporting Teaching & Learning students, Laura, gives you the low-down!


If you are anything like me, you juggle the responsibility of work life, children, and a husband who is more work than the children (although he doesn’t realise this), as well as managing childcare, after-school groups and clubs, dance classes, music practice on instruments I’ve never heard of, football practice and attending the shows and matches. So, you too may join me in being a little bewildered as to why someone in this position would want to take on more work, or in this case learning! Something I have not done in an unmentionable amount of years.

But I figured, as time passed me by, its time I did something for me, something I want to do, something I have a passion for. I had a little peruse of the case studies of previous students before embarking on my Distance Learning research.

What is Distance Learning and are there any Benefits of Distance Learning?

Distance learning, also known as online education, e-learning and blended learning, is a feasible option for everyone of all ages. It’s perfect for those eager for personal development, fulfilment and growth. You might consider distance learning if you wish to gain the necessary skills to change your career, enhance future career prospects, go to university, or simply keep your mind active by gaining more knowledge and in-depth understanding of a particular area of interest. Or, like me, because you feel that whilst you are satisfied with your family and current job, you haven’t quite fulfilled your full potential.


The quality of distance learning has vastly improved as colleges and students have become more IT aware and capable. I’m almost scared I won’t be able to keep up!
From the website its obvious that Oxbridge Home Learning work hard striving for a student-centric environment. Although relatively new to the world of distance learning, Oxbridge Home Learning benefits from many years in the industry with their founder having been in the industry for over a decade! Matt Jones, Founder and MD

The distance learning benefits

Earn and learn.

Do you wish to change career but need to gain relevant skills and qualifications in order to do so? With no requirement to give up your job to study you can expertly prepare for a new or improved career, or gain a qualification for a promotion. For me, this was one of the most important distance learning benefits!

Family life.
You don’t have to give up treasured family time or stay up all night to meet deadlines. You can fit your work and research in whenever and wherever you have the time. Distance learning is becoming increasingly prevalent amongst many people as it allows easier work/life balance. It lets you fit your learning around your work and home life.
By choosing to learn from home you can cut the costs of studying. You won’t need to buy your own materials, or pay for petrol, parking or train fare to get to college every day.
Qualification time.
With no term times or set classes, you can study and complete your course in a few weeks or months, and embark on your new career. It’s up to you and the pace that you desire. (With the exception of A-levels and GCSE’s where the exams are at set times during the year).
Choice and more choice.
You have the freedom and flexibility to learn more about hundreds of new topics and subjects, gain a qualification and you don’t need to travel around the country to find the right course. They are all accessible to you at your home!
You can keep studying.
If you enjoy learning new things, you can keep taking new courses. It’s so easy to enrol and you can study several courses concurrently.
Develop your own independence.
Grow and enhance your confidence as you gain more skills.
Your own pace.
Learning is an individual process. Not all students learn and process information at the same pace, but with distance learning, there’s no need to worry about falling behind or powering ahead and having to wait for others to catch up.
Freedom and flexibility.
Where and when you desire, take a break for a month or two, or don’t.
Don’t live near a training centre or college? No problem. All materials are available delivered to your home or on your computer and/or tablet. As beneficial as studying in a classroom can be, it doesn’t offer the same freedom or flexibility that distance learning offers.
Self-paced learning and support.
Quickly browse materials you have already mastered, and concentrate time and effort in areas containing new information and/or skills. With Oxbridge Home Learning, you can enrol 365 days a year. We are here to help make your dreams a reality, in line with your current lifestyle. I found that the expert tutor support ensures that you are never alone in your studies, guiding you from initial enrolment right up until your final assessment. Providing as much or as little support as you require
Online classes are just as, if not more, effective at teaching students than the traditional classroom style of learning and you really can improve your lifestyle and your confidence with a distance learning course from Oxbridge Home Learning. Whether you are looking for full-time courses or part-time courses, they are flexible and convenient offering learning that is enjoyable, affordable and fully supported by expert tutors.

To conclude:

I wasn’t left alone to fend for myself. Indeed I was nurtured and supported throughout and all my worry about distance learning beforehand was for no reason at all. As it says on their website, Oxbridge Home Learning could change your life simply by improving your employability and confidence. If the time has come for you to venture down a new path, then my advice is to get the best possible start with Oxbridge Home Learning.
Distance learning benefits all.