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Social media platforms and career progression

posted by Carla on Saturday, 10 September 2016

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You probably are on Facebook, Twitter or one of the many other social media platforms, but you might not use these diverse mediums to your best advantage. You may be guilty of wasting time trawling through cat videos and having a nosey at other people’s holiday pics. However, it is worth thinking about the way that social media can actually benefit you; especially if you are trying to start a business or search for jobs.


This social media resource is specifically aimed at networking for employment and business purposes. On LinkedIn, you are able to create a profile based on your work and related experience. You can then target the particular profession you wish to pursue. LinkedIn also lets you connect with other people with similar job interests and allows you to search for job vacancies.


You will find a large range of employers with a presence on Twitter. Twitter also allows you to stay connected to the employment field you are interested in by following specific companies and organisations. You don’t even have to tweet if you don’t want to. Being on Twitter means you can also find out about specific job vacancies and employment-related events, such as career fairs.


Instagram may not necessary come to mind when you think about a job search. However, this social media platform is ideal if you are interested in creative industries. Instagram will let you build a creative profile through the pictures and images you upload. You are also able to connect to people with similar interests. This platform will also demonstrate to potential employers your abilities and unique personality.


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