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Pug love

posted by Carla on Monday, 8 August 2016

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Dogs and in particular Pugs and Pug Love!

If you look closely, they are everywhere. Roly-poly bundles of fun merrily bouncing along with their tongues hanging out. Their presence can be seen throughout social media. In fact, it seems they are even starting to rival cats in popularity. The pugs have arrived!

But, where did they come from, and why have they taken over the world?

Well, here are some pug love facts.

Did you know that pugs were once so revered by emperors in ancient China that they even had their own separate part of the royal palace to live in, complete with their own servants? It’s hard, therefore, to image now, with their frivolous image.

Rise in Popularity

The popularity of pugs may seem like a recent phenomenon. They have been around for a very long time. Images and accounts of these dogs were first recorded in 700 BC in China. This is where they became very sought after, particularly among the elite.

Pugs were brought from China to Europe in the 16th century and became popular with a number of influential houses throughout the continent. Pugs first appeared in England in the 17th century, and in the 19th century. Furthermore, Queen Victoria developed a particular passion for these little dogs.

What makes them attractive as pets? Well, the breed is known to be lively and affectionate, with a sweet temperament. However, they also have a mischievous side and can cause chaos at times; as any pug owner will tell you.

If you have your own little pug (or other dog breeds) and wish to know more about how to look after them and better understand their behaviour, our Animal Care course could be for you. This distance learning course is also suitable if you are interested in a career in animal care and wish to put your pug knowledge to good use and you may just learn some new pug facts.