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Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2018 | Author: Rob Elsmore

Perfect Gifts for Students This Christmas

Whether they’re leaving home for the first time, on a break for the holidays, or they’re a home learner, we’ve compiled six amazing gifts for students. These are suggestions aim to make hard-working students the centre of attention this Christmas… and nothing says Merry Christmas like a satisfying gift on Christmas morning.

Student Survival Packs

Survival kits are perfect for new and old students alike. You can either purchase pre-assembled packs or mix and match your own for unique personalisation. These goodie bags are a thoughtful and cost-effective way of giving something useful, while also maintaining a huge element of surprise on Christmas morning.

Check here for cool offers: from £1880

Comfy Clothes

Many of us work better when dressed casually. In fact, 61% are more productive. Just look successful people such as Mark Zuckerberg. Cosy clothes boost student morale, enable relaxation, and they’re cheaper than formal clothing, too. Besides, who wants to wear suits when they’re studying?

1. Onesie Ideal work clothes for sofa days. Amazon £7+ A warm bargain indeed!

2. Loungewear Clothes that don’t judge. Just be free. Luxury gift. Hollister £12

3. Socks Keep your toes warm all year round. Explore Totes at TK Maxx £4.99+

4. Slippers Snuggle with your laptop with cosy, style conscious slippers. Asos £7+

5. Robe Dunelm stock ultra-cosy soft robes, crafted for warmth and freedom. £15+

Gift Cards

The No. 1 requested pressie at Christmas, as proven in an Amazon survey where 89% recipients like gift cards. They’re convenient surprises that offer students more choice at a reasonable price starting at £5.

1. Amazon – Redeemable towards millions of items – whatever you mind can think up!

2. iTunes Perfect for the musically-obsessed

3. Deliveroo Foodies will love you for this

4. One4all One cards to shop at them all

5. Railcard Who can argue against saving 1/3 off your rail travel?

6. NUS Card Students save money at places they enjoy, such as restaurants and cinemas.

Subscription Services

There’s much value to be had in subscription services. Purchase in bulk, from one to twelve months, to enjoy a wealth of content, treats or perks. No hassle or stress and being a member of something is rewarding. One of the coolest things about being a sub is that you don’t have to think about the ins and outs. You simply subscribe and start using a service until your time is up. A very merry Christmas gift.

Potential services include:

1. OED Oxford English Dictionary – £90 (1-year)

2. Financial Times via NUS Only £2.65 a week

3. MunchPak (£93) 1-year

4. Dollar Shave Club Starting £3 p/m

5. Spotify Student £4.99 p/m

Student Recipe Cookbook

Advantages of owning a cookbook include saving money, healthier ingredients, brings friend together, independence, learning new skills. It helps students stray clear of super noodles and microwave meals. Cookbooks are ideal for students on a budget to health nuts, gym rats and those making simple fast food.

Our top three student gift suggestions are:

1. The Hungry Student Cookbook by Charlotte Pike: £8.99, Foyles – Easy recipes for tight budgets and student wallets.

2. Nosh for Students by Joy and Ron May: £8.99 WHSmith Ideal for anyone without cooking skills. Yay, no more burned toast.

3. Student Eats: Fast, Cheap, Healthy by Rachel Phipps: £9.99, Amazon Rated a Best Buy by the Independent. Must-have!

Life Journals

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, a high-quality life journal from quirky businesses like Paperchase are nice keepsakes and a fantastic way for students of all ages to document their learning experiences. Who doesn’t like writing about the best times of their lives as a student?

Check out some of these quirky journals:

1. Paperchase have journals to jot your bucket list, document your life, or even experiences with your cats. £5+ Keep students writing!

2. Waterstones is an ideal place to pick up a journal. After all, they’re all about words. £3+

3. The Journal Shop’s mission is to offer the world’s best stationery products. They don’t disappoint. £5+ Wrap one up today!

Buying for students is so much fun. Whether you’re looking for something practical (aka sensible), entertaining, life-affirming or heart-warming, there’s something for everyone. Just like at Oxbridge Home Learning, we’ve over 200 courses that there’s bound to be one or two that can spruce up your skill set to make 2019 a triumph. From creative writing to childminding, check out out our selection box of knowledge and if you discover a course you like, our advisers are always ready to talk your through the home learning process. Happy student gift buying.

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